Wednesday, November 29, 2006


2) What new movies i have seen or am planning to see.

I assume that anyone who is reading this probably knows me (and if not get a life and get off my blog) and anyone who know me knows that I am a big movie buff. I have just over 140 DVD's in my collection and probably another 100 bootleg DVD's plus hundreds of Disc's worth of TV shows on DVD's. My DVD buying started out as just a mild habit and quickly grew out of control. The first DVD I bought was "X-men". I followed this with "Blade" and "Any Given Sunday". After that it is kind of a blur. I have a section for Action movies, Sci-fi movies, Mob Movies, and Comic Book movies. I also have a section for what i call really bad movies. Currently that section includes "Gigli", "Show Girls", and a few others. I think every collection needs a flaw and this is mine. So far i have only been able to sit through about 20 minutes of Gigli. It is so far beyond stupid it is funny.

Anyways the point of this post is supposed to be what new movies i have seen or am planning to see.

Have Seen

I saw Casion Royale 2 weeks ago. I thought it was really good. I wouldn't consider my self to be a bond fan by any means. I have only seen the Pierce Bronson movies and bits and pieces of the Sean Connery films, so i can say how it rates as a bond film but as a general movie it was good. It is a marked departure from the way Bronson played Bond. Craig is a much more physical presence. When he was getting into fist fights with people and running and jumping and stuff you could tell it was designed to show the differences between him and bronson. Overall i give the movie a 3 Star *** rating. It was good, but the villian in the movie really wasn't very tough at all. Not that smart either

I saw De Ja Vu last weekend. This was the new Denzel Washington acted, Jerry Bruckheimer produced film. Like all Jerry Bruckheimer films (Con Air, Face Off, Pirates of the Carribean) it had a lot of action. It really seemed like a movie that should have come out in the summer. Denzel Washington does what he can with the material he was given but this really was not much of a movie. I knew what the characters were going to say before they said it most times. And the sci fi logic used to justify this movie is terrible. Scotty, Geordi, B'lanna, O'brian, and Trip would be rolling in the aisles. And if you don't know who those people are then shame on you.

Finally i have added a few over due titles to my DVD collection. I recently bought the 2 -disc addition of "The Shawshank Redemption" This is probably my favorite movie all time. The acting is perfect and were it not for the fact that it came out the same year as Forest Gump it would have cleaned house at the oscars. I already had the regular addition but it was time for an upgrade. The next movie i got was the 2 disc collectors addition of "Robin Hood Prince of Theives". I got this movie to help me complete what i call the "Sword and Sandal" section of my dvd collection. Right now the section includes (First Knight, King Arthur, Gladiator, Troy, LOTR, etc...) Now i think the only thing i am missing are "Brave Heart"

Well i think that is enough for now.

The next blog will finally explain why i named my blog the Green lantern.


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Todd said...

Thanks for the heads up on Déja vu. I just can't stand bad sci-fi logic to explain crap. If all the Star Trek engineers/chiefs, in order by date of show release, would not like it than I won't either. There we go.