Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Shopping

At the risk of sounding like the Grinch i have a genuine dislike for Christmas shopping. Let me be clear, i don't dislike Christmas, or the concept of giving, I just can't stand shopping for Christmas. I am a pretty generous person and i don't mind giving gifts. I think really the only thing i don't like is how busy the malls are. I think it stems back to all the time i spent working at fairview mall. Although i worked on commission and made more money during the holiday season, i would have gladly sacrificed that extra money if it meant less crowds. I consider myself to be a pretty social person but i have never really liked crowds. I hate having to search the parking lot for a space. I remember that sometimes at the Bay i would have to come to work half hour early to search the lots if i wanted a space close to the entrance near the department i worked in. Most times i would just end up parking very far away and walking over. And then when you get in the malls its so crazy packed then what should be a 10 second walk turns into 2 mins. And you end up bumping into people and saying "excuse me" every 2 seconds. I really can't stand it. Then when you get in the stores all the customers are so rude. I remember at the there would be about 6 customers for every associate and they would all be so demanding. Half the time i just wanted to throw the box of shoes in their faces. I was making 2.5% commission which means that the average sale was earning me around two dollars. Yet by the way they were acting you would think it was 100. I mean they were just really rude. I am not a huge man but at about about six feet tall and around 200 lbs I am big enough that i don't usually have people saying rude thing to my face. It happened all the time at the bay. Looking at me in my uniform gave people the balls to say things they would never say to me in the street in my regular clothes.

Anyways those days are over now. Although I do miss my co-workers at the Bay i don't miss the nature of the work. Retail is a lot tougher than most people think. It is not quite as stressful as telemarketing (which was the job i did before and will be the topic of a future post). But it is tough.

Thankfully I am pretty much finished all of my Christmas shopping now and i can just try to enjoy the holiday season.

Merry Christmas every one.


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Todd said...

I guess living in a suburb has its advantages especially at Christmas time. I don't mind the Christmas shopping myself, it's busy in the mall but not so much so that I'm bumping into people every 2 seconds and I never have to wait in line too long. Unlike a lot of my friends I usually go out to the mall a week or so before I plan to go shopping and just look at what's there, just appreciating, not looking to buy. Then, over the course of the next week I decide what I will purchase for the people on my list and then I go out and get it. Not too much effort but what effort there is, is very exciting. I also worked retail and spent about 3 Christmas' doing the Radio Shack gig. I did find that customers were pushy and I was always super exhausted from running around all day. We never had enough staff to help everyone and clean everything so someone was always angry at me. I like the current situation much better... *sigh* I guess I should just start my own blog instead of writing giant comments for Duane... but I suppose he would be the only one to read it so the result is about the same. =p Merry Christmas all you Christians and Happy Holidays to everyone else (I would be more specific but I don't know all the holidays for this time of year)