Monday, December 11, 2006

My new Job

So as promised this post will be about my new job.

My first day at Microsoft was November 20th 2006. Walking into MS was a bit of a shock. First let me say that i found out on the first day that you don't just walk into MS. To get into the building you need to have a security access card. I did not know this in advance. I promptly walked up to the door and discovered it was locked. Thankfully, someone saw me. I explained it was my first day and she took me to reception area. My new boss came down and he guided myself and the other 2 new hires on a tour of the building. It was a little weird walking in there because it is a big change from where I was coming from. My previous job was for a small privately owned company. Conversely Microsoft is just about the biggest IT company in the world.

Their cafeteria alone is huge. I don't have a corner office or anything but i have a nice cubicle in a decent location. The co-workers who are near my desk are all pretty cool. What is weird is that i sit beside someone with the same name as me. It can get a little confusing at times when people are determining who to talk to.

Now i will outline some of the goods and bads of the position. I will start with the bads. The first and most major bad to date has to be the hoops i have had to jump through. At my previous job I was put to work doing meaningful things on my very first day. At my new place there is so much security in place that even now, three weeks in i still don't have all of the clearances i need to do my job. They tell me not to worry about it and that it will come but it is very frustrating.

The next bad thing is the distance. At my old job if i left exactly at 5 o'clock i could be home by 5:30. Getting on the 401 at 5:00pm would be complete insanity. I got 407 transponder for the days when i simply want to get home quickly. My goal is to only take 3 times a week at the most. That should keep my bill under 80 per month.

Now the Good things.

First obviously there is more money. Which i will try to spend wisely.
Second although there are a lot of hoops to jump through, MS does provide me with every software toy i have ever wanted to play with. I have visual studio 2005, SQL server 2005, Office 2007, and a bunch of other new software programs. This should help improve my resume. Additionally the office it self is very advanced. Their is a wireless connection throughout the building. When every i go to a meeting i just unplug my lap top and take it with me. It's pretty cool.
There are lots of parties and free lunches. 2 weeks ago was the launch of office 07 and vista and there was a big party throughout the building and they were giving away prizes. I unfortunately did not win the Xbox 360 but at least they provided us all with lunch for the day. Last week wunderman had a team party. So we only worked half a day and then we went curling. Its a much more difficult sport than it looks like on tv. Finally since getting on the 401 at 5pm is crazy i go to the gym after work to pass some time during rush hour. This has motivated me to get to the gym on a much more regular basis. Which is a very good thing considering how much i am paying for my membership.

Anyways, I guess that is it for now. Overall i am pretty happy at my new place. It is not perfect but no place is. I do miss my old co-workers but i guess that is the nature of the business. My new co workers are okay they are just a little older than me in most cases.

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