Monday, December 4, 2006

Why Green Lantern

At the end of my first post i promised 3 things

1) I will be describing my last 2 weeks at my old job
2) What new movies i have seen or am planning to see.
3) Why i named my blog the Green Lantern

I have done the fist 2 so it's time to explain why i named this site the TheGreenLantern. For those of you who don't know the picture on the side is of

John Stewart aka The Green Lantern (

He is not the original green lantern. That title belongs to
Hal Jordan (

That being said allow me to be blunt here for a moment. Like myself John Stewart is a black man. And as much as i like Superman, Batman and all the rest it is hard for me to look at them and see myself.

I first heard of John Stewart about 5 yrs ago with the debut of what in my opinion is the best cartoon of all time. Justice League

Now the producers of this show have freely admitted that the reason John Stewart was chosen instead of Hal Jordan or any of the other Green lanterns was to add some "color" to the team. It may not be a pleasant thought but truthfully i am fine with that fact. I mean John Stewart was created to add some color to the DC line up in the first place. However, the producers did a great job with the character. In fact he was featured in more episodes than any other character in the show. They say the modeled his personality after Samuel "Snakes on a plane" Jackson. He never got to say "Mother Fucker" in the show but in every other way he IS Sam Jackson.

It is for those reasons i have chosen to name my blog TheGreenLantern.

Next up

1) My first 2 weeks on my new Job.
2) Doing Christmas Shopping.
3) TV shows

Stay tuned.

I shall end my post with the green lantern speech

"In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight! Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power.. Green Lantern's light!"


Todd said...

I really don't have much of a comment for this days blog other than that Green Lantern is awesome but Martian Man Hunter is cooler. =p

I just wanted to let everyone know including Duane that we ran a US job and everything crashed except for the guess code and the US sort. I guess that mean we lost our only competent employee to Microsoft... our loss, their gain.

Chris said...

Batman: The Animated Series is still the best cartoon ever!