Sunday, January 28, 2007

2 months at MS

So about a week ago i passed the 2 month barier at my new job. Only 1 more month of probation to go. So far i have no real complaints. I have incurred a few expenses. I think i am spending between 80-100 dollars more per month in gas and travel expenses. I have tried my best to stay off the 407ETR. My 407 bill for Dec. was $67. From my house to MS one way is a $7 bill with a transponder so a $67 bill for a month is pretty low.
I have been given a few assignments now and so far i have been able to complete everything i have been assigned. Most of the work has involved SQL Server 2005, Access , and some code. The coding has been minimal because that's not really what i was hired for. However, there were a few interfaces that needed to be built and since i had the most direct programming experience on the team i did it. It was fun. Additionally, i think i am fitting in pretty well with my co-workers so far. There are four people who i go for lunch with pretty much every day so i guess that is a good sign. We have had multiple office parties and team building events and i think i have held my own pretty well.

So overall, i guess i am pretty happy. Thus, its a pretty short post this week.

Next Week, 1 month update on new years resolutions. I plan to do it every month.

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