Monday, January 22, 2007

Audio Books

About a year ago i started to listen to audio books during my drive to work. I started because an audio book rental store opened up beside the store where i buy my DVDs. I went in a was pleasantly surprised by the selection. So on that day i rented the DA Vinci code. It was along rental book. It actually has about 17 disks. Since my drive to work is half hour each way it took me a little under a month i listen to it all. In the time since i have come completely hooked. I can not imagine driving to work with out a good audio book to listen to at this point. The place i rent from provides me with in and out rental deal. I am allowed one rental out at a time. So the more often i go the more value i get for my money. If i go at least every other day then my membership works out to about 2 dollars per book. It really is a great deal when you think about it. A book could provide me with anywhere from 5 to 20 hours of entertainment. A movie rental is only at most 3 hours of entertainment. Additionally, i have listened to books that i would never have taken the time to read.

However, since i now work in Mississauga my drive to work is substantially longer. I can now go through 2 disks worth of material in a day. Which is at least double what i used to. When my last membership expired in august i had about 25 books unread copied to my pc. I assumed this would be enough to last me for many months. But the longer drive and a few bad book choices has caused me to have to renew my membership.
Its completely worth it though. I recently listed to a book called "White Sister" by an author named Stephen J. Cannell. He is very good. I have listened to 3 other books by him (Cold Hit,Vertical Coffin, And Viking Funeral). All the books star a detective named Shane Scully. Dom if your reading this blog you should get this book. The next book i am almost finsihed is named "Confessions of a Video Vixxen" its by Karrine Staffen. She is a woman who used to dance in the hip hop video. In the books she gives all the behind the scene details about banging all the rap stars (Most of whom are married). Its a real juicy gossipy book. For those of you who don't know her nickname is Super Head. I assume most will figure out how she got that name. I will close up by saying i saw a video of her at work and she ABSOLUTELY deserves the name. LOL.

Thats it for now.

Next weeks. My first 2 months at Microsoft review.

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Domenico Nobili said...

Hey Duane I listened to Cold Hit. I enjoyed it. I'll try your other recommendations.