Sunday, January 14, 2007

shopping for electronics

I am a bit of an electronics addict. Simply put i buy a lot of them. Far more than i actually need. Currently there are 4 televisions in my house despite the fact that there are only 3 people living there. There are also 5 (7 if you count my ps2 and computer) DVD players in my house. So yes there are more DVD players than televisions. It was such a slow process that it was easy to let it happen. Originally i just had the ps2. But one day i rented a movie and the ps2 couldn't play it. So i ran out and bought my first official dvd player. It was a samsung to match the samsung TV in my bedroom. But then i changed my tv to a Sony and bought a new Sony DVD player and moved the Samsung in my bedroom to the samsung tv in the basement. But then Sony came out with a DVD/VCR combo. Which at the time i thought was really cool. So i bought that and moved the Sony DVD player in my room into the den in my house. But then i heard about dvd recorders. This allows you to record to blank DVDs just like a VCR. I thought that was very cool so i got that and moved the dvd/vcr combo into the TV in my parents room. I thought that was going to be the end of it. I really did. But then the price of DVD/hard drive recorders dropped dramatically. A DVD player with a built in hard drive lets me not have to worry about having blank tapes around all of the time. Plus A blank DVD only holds about 4 hours at a decent quality as compared to the hard 80GB hard drive in my system that holds about 40 hours. No when i go on vacation i can record all my shows for the week and not have to choose which one i want.

I bring this up because my parents recently asked my to buy a new television to replace the one ion the family room that had stopped working. Needless to say it was alot of fun. Since HDTV is the new wave in television we pretty much had no choice but to go with LCD. It totally amazes me how much this technology has come down in price. I can remember going into future shop and seeing LCD and plasma TVs for $20,000. Needless to say i didn't spend that much. But i was able to get a 32inch (non-brand name) LCD TV for only $600. And so far it looks pretty good. The room it is in is not very large so 32 inches is about all it can hold.

Next week: Audio Books

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