Monday, February 19, 2007

The Price of Owning a Car

I bought my car in April 2005. I went shopping shortly after my 25th birthday. I did this because for men car insurance is suppose to decrease after your 25th birthday. Seeing as how i had an accident on my record i couldn't afford not to take advantage of every saving opportunity i could. I had dreamed about buying a car for years. In college my saving inched past the 10k mark and seriously considered blowing it all on a car. I actually went to different used car dealerships on a regular basis. I was very close to buying a 97 Chrysler Seabring convertible at one point. Thankfully eventually came to my senses i didn't buy the car. My part time job would have not been able to carry the cost of owning a car at that time. In fact it wasn't until I was out of university for two years with a full time job for over a year that I actually bought my first car.

Originally, i had m heart set on one of three cars. I was going to buy either a Honda Accord, Nissan Maxima, or a Mazda Millenia. Unfortunately the Mazda was sold out when i got to the dealership and the Maxima and Accord cost a little more than i had in mind. Then one day I went to a different dealership and saw a different car.

It was a 2000 black Oldsmobile Intrigue GLS. It had tan leather interior and alloy rims. It really wasn't the car i originally had in mind but the price was really good. It was only 8.9k and i talked the guy down to 8.4. With tax and Licensing and all that other shit it was only about 10k on the road. The accords and Maxima's were around 12k before tax.

I am coming up on the two year anniversary of Buying my car which is why i am writing this blog. So far I think things have worked out. That being said the car has cost me quite a bit of money. Not in repairs but in other expenses. In terms of repairs i think i have only made about 700 dollars with in the 20+ months that i have owned the car. The expenses have come in other ways.

When i first bought the car the remote door opener didn't work. I went to GM and they said a new one would cost $300. So i said fuck it. I bought a car alarm with a door opener and that only cost $200. The problem is the car alarm started to malfunction when i took a business trip to Montreal. So i had to have it pulled out. Then decided to tine the windows to the tune of $300 and change the CD player to one that plays mp3 ($300). In addition to that now that i work farther away from home i putting many more miles on the car. I have to get oil changes more often. And i have to license to stupid thing every year. Right now it has just over 165k. Which means i have managed to put on over 40k in less than 2 yrs. So i am expecting repair cost to skyrocket soon.

Overall i look back on it now and wonder if i would have been better off still driving my mothers car. Considering insurance and repair and other cost i would probably have like an extra 16k-18k to my name today if i did. But on the other hand at some point a man simply wants to have his own things.
I will close by posting my first blog picture. It is of the accident my car was in. Not me but the car was in an accident. Parked in front of my house, some woman ran into the back of my car.

Next week's topic ... Sports.

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