Monday, February 12, 2007

Superbowl and My favorite show

Super Bowl

So as all football fans know, Last week was the Super Bowl. And my favorite team with my favorite player were in the big game. My favorite player is Peyton Manning. He is about as white bread as a man can be but i like him anyway. I think he is the best player at his position in the league today and maybe ever. I play in a yahoo sports fantasy football league and Peyton has single handily carried my team for the past 3 seasons. In any given week he can lead my team to victory. I am also glad that he won to get that monkey off his back. With this win there will no longer be any question as to wheter or not he can win the Big one. So Congratulations Peyton.

My favorite Show.

Over the course of the last 2 years i would have to say that my favorite TV show has been LOST. It is just about the best drama on TV. With all due respect to the Sopranos and 24, Lost is truly the one show that keeps me guessing. I watch alot of TV. I mean I WATCH A LOT OF TELEVISION. It is to the point that just about nothing surprises me anymore. But watching LOST is different. I trust the producers. I believe that they have an overall story arc and that we the viewers just have to be patient. There were a few decisions of the course of the shows run that i have not agreed with but overall it is great. The episode entitled "The Cost Of Living" which featured (Spoiler Alert) the death of Mr. Eko. Was the single best episode of a TV show (excluding season finales) that i have seen in my whole life. In fact Eko's last line is my signature.

"I did not ask for the life i was given but it was given none the less, and with it i have done my best."

Overall and to avoid spoilers i will say that i was satisfied with the LOST return and am very much looking forward to more of the Best show on TV.

That's it for this week.
Next Week... the price of owning a Car.

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