Sunday, April 29, 2007

Being Sick

I know that this post was supposed to be about "Birthday revisited and quarterly update on new years resolutions." But I have been sick the last few weeks and in order to keep the blog about whats going on in my life currently I thought I should write about that.

First let me say i really hate being sick. I know that nobody enjoys it but I think that few people hate it as much as me. The last week i finally had to give in to the cold and take some time off. On Thursday I went home after half a day and Friday i stayed home the whole day. I have only taken 3 sick days in my whole life. I see a sick day as admitting defeat. Its saying that the cold got the best of me and I lost. Well i Lost folks!!! This cold kicked my black ass all over the place. On Friday i was coughing up Flem like nobodies business. Thankfully i had the good sense to go to the doctors and got some antibiotics. As of now i feel much better and i will be back at work on Monday. I don't feel perfect by any means but i do feel much better.

So that's, my week. Not much else to say so next week i will address my original intended content for this post.

next Week: Birthday revisited and quarterly update on new years resolutions.

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--Todd said...

Geez Duane, staying home sick isn't admitting defeat, it's being kind enough to not spread it to your coworkers. I'm sure your boss would be more appreciative of the fact that you didn't infect his entire staff then he would be of the one or two extremely unproductive days you decided you could put in while sick.