Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mr. Anonymous

It occurred to me the other day that my blog is fairly anonymous. Looking over my posts i really haven't revealed very much of myself in my posts. In fact i don't think i have ever even said my full name (first + last). I don't like my middle names so those will never be in a post. There are no pictures of me on this blog either. Isn't the point of blogging to put myself out there to some extent. This lack of information was done intentionally. It occurred to me that maybe someday an potential employer might do a Google search on me and stumble onto my blog. Thus gaining access to all my personal business. Truthfully i started blogging because while at work at a previous job some of us in the office did a Google search on an ex-coworker and we stumbled on to his blog. Now in fairness my name is much more common than his so finding actual information on me would be very difficult. There is an actor with my exact name and spelling and any Internet search on me would certainly turn up results on him before they returned anything on me.

So where am i going with all this. Fuck if i know. I just find it very interesting. Mostly this blog is read by my friends, ex-coworkers, and a few family members that i am close to. As long as that is the case then there really would be no harm in dropping more personal information on here i guess.

On the other hand maybe there is no personal information on here because my personal life is not really that different from anybody Else's. I mean i have a job and family and a girlfriend, but who doesn't have those things. It's not like i am a member of the Illuminati or some shit.

And so a little info about me.

My name is Duane Martin
I was born and raised in Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
My Elementary School was David Lewis Public School
My High School was Dr. Norman Bethune Collegiate
My college was Seneca College
My university was York University
I used to work at the Bay and Flagship Software
I currently work as a Database Analyst for a company called Wunderman.

My social Insurance Number is .... NONE OF YOUR GOD DAM BUSINESS!!!!!
Some things will remain a secret. I haven't completely lost my mind.

next week... Birthday revisited and quarterly update on new years resolutions.

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