Friday, April 6, 2007

My Birthday

So as i mentioned in my last post, Monday April 2nd was my birthday. I am now 27 yrs old. Depending on how you look at it, it might be fair to say that I am in my late 20's. Which is a strange feeling. I have such clear memories of being in my early teens. It heels like just yesterday that I was starting high school (Bethune C.I.) But the truth is that staring high school was 13 years ago. Hell, i have been finished university for 4 years at this point.

Its easy to wonder just where in the hell has all the time gone. 27 is by no means what i would call a milestone birthday. I am still a good 3 yrs away from that. But still every birthday is a time for reflection and to look back on the decisions i have made in my life. Overall i can honestly say i don't have many regrets. Off the top of my head the only one i can think of is that i wish that i had left highschool after 4 yrs and went straight to Seneca. At the time you only had to do grade 13 (OAC) if you were planning to go to university. Since i went to college before going to university i could have saved a year of my life and just went straight to college after grade 12. I mean in the grander scheme of things it is not really that big of a deal. I have a degree and a diploma now and considering that my last job did not even ask me to provide proof of either i don't think it makes a difference. I am not saying that i regret going to college/university just that it does not really matter how long it takes some one to finish as long as they finish.

Now as for what i did on my birthday. Well, i had a pretty mellow birthday this year. I went to dinner with my girlfriend and we just spent the day together. It was nice. In my college days i would have gone out drinking with the boys and ended up at some club. I don't find that nearly as appealing as i used to. Truthfully while i am not the oldest person in the clubs I am also far from the youngest at this point. And the concept of throwing up from alchol or having a hangover is not something i am remotely interested in at this point. So this was a good birthday.

Well thats it for me.
Next week... All about work.

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chris said...

Happy belated birthday dude. Yeah we're getting a little too old to be hanging out a clubs, just dont be hanging out at old people's bars, we ain't that old yet!