Monday, May 28, 2007


Last week (or the week before was the 10th anniversary of hotmail). Consequently I thought now would be a good time to look back at my history with email. I remember when I first heard about email. It was spring 99. Although at that point i was finishing high school and knew that i would be studying computers in college I still thought the concept of emails was stupid. In fact in my grad picture of my year book where it asks for my email, I wrote "only nerds have one". LOL At that point I just didn't see the need for them. I remember someone telling me that i should get one show they could send me stuff. I said if you have something to tell me just call me. Well, i ended up getting a personal email a few months after highschool. And when i got to college they assigned me one also. Soon I had like 5 or 6 emails all set up for different purposes. However i am glad to say that i am one of the few people who don't abuse emails. I don't signup for tons of accounts. I can honestly say that i have only had 2 hotmail accounts in my life. I used the account duanem2 for years but i signed up for a few newsletters and my account got flooded with spam. So i opened the account that i still use to this day duanemartin24 I was also lucky enough to sign up for gmail early so i was able to get duanemartin Which is currently my primary email address.

I am not really going anywhere with all this. I just thought it would be fun to talk about emails for a little bit.

Next week ... something else

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Granting Requests

At the end of last weeks blog i said "Next week... I don't know yet." Usually i end my blogs with somewhat of a sneak peak as to the topic of next weeks blog. I have been blogging pretty consistently for the past 6 months and usually i have no problems coming up with a topic (Who says video games and too much TV kill the imagination eh?). However, last week i wasn't sure exactly what i wanted to cover the following week. Although i am sure that i would have come up with something, a funny thing happened. My blog received its first topic requests. The request came from my cousin Micheal and my cousin Jason. They are brothers and cousins of mine on my fathers side. They live in the states. They posted their requests in the comments section but just in case anyone is too lazy to click the link the requests were...

Mike said...
You should show some pictures from the trip.
Ideas for next week:
1. The current status on your DVD collection.
2. Fighting off the Martin Belly

Jason said...
I would second the idea on how to fight off the Martin Belly because I have been working out consistently for the past five months and though I do not have the official Martin Belly I can't seem to get the wash board abs that I want.

So in the interest of trying new things i will grant these request and cover these topics.

1)You should show some pictures from the trip.
Although my girlfriend did take some pictures and they have actually been developed and i am looking at them now in fact, i can't post them because i don't have them in digital format. I will get her to send me some pics and i will post them for a later post.

2) The current status on your DVD collection.
As i mentioned a little while ago my DVD collection is not growing at the exponential rate that it once was. However, I do still and probably always will buy DVD's. At last count my collection just inched past the 160 mark. We had an office party a few weeks ago where i received a $25 gift card for blockbuster. I used the money to buy "The Da Vinci Code" and "Rocky Balboa". I clearly had no choice but to buy Rocky because I already bought the first 5 Rocky's on DVD so i had to complete the collection. As for the Da Vinci Code i am not sure why I bought this one. Although the book is great i saw the movie in the theaters and i didn't really like it that much. I am not sure why i thought it would be any better the second time around. I can only hope the planned prequel (Angels & Demons) is better.

3) The last topic which was requested by both my cousins was fighting off the "Martin Belly"

This topic will require some explanation for those readers whose last name isn't Martin. My father has 7 brothers and most of them have a somewhat noticeable stomach. My cousins and I have named it the martin belly. When we were younger we all swore that we would never get it. I am not sure why they think i have the answer to this. I have been fighting a losing battle with it for the past few years. The problem is that my job just isn't very active. The heaviest thing i lift in a given day is a pen. But i have been going to the gym a little more steadily lately and i have dropped a few pounds. So to them and to anyone else reading this blog i make this promise. By new years eve 2007 i will have wash board abs (or at the least a very flat stomach).

And that's it. If in the future anyone who reads this blog has a topic request please feel free to post it and i will do my best to accommodate.

Next week... Emails


Monday, May 14, 2007

Niagara Falls

So on the weekend i went to Niagara Falls with my girlfriend. It was very nice. She is going to be very busy for the next few weeks so this seemed like a good time to try and get away for a little while. We stayed at a Best western hotel not too far from the falls. I actually used my airmiles to pay for the room. So after being a airmiles collector for about 9 years they finally did something for me. The room cost me 1400 of my 1500 airmiles for the 2 days we stayed. We did all the tourist tyep stuff. I have technically been to Niagara a few times before but i have never done any of the tourist stuff. We went on the Maiden of the Mist Tour (boat ride), the Journey Behind the Falls and The White water walk. I will say now that the Maid of the Mist Tour was pretty good but the other two were somewhat disappointing. The other two are basically just walking beside the water. I can take some comfort in the fact that both events were fairly inexpensive but still not the enjoyable.

We also went into the casino. I am not really that big of a gambler so i don't have much to report from that end. On sunday morning we went and had breakfast at a restaurant with my sister and her two kids. She lives in Niagara and it was nice to see them. After that we came home.

Overall, it was a good weekend.

Next week... I don't know yet.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Birthday Revisted and New Years Resolutions updates

Okay so just to refresh memories my new years resolutions were...

1) Limit my time on the 407etr. The Price is going up and i want to make sure that i don't take the 407 more than twice a week. This should keep my bill under $50 per month. Which is reasonable in my opinion.

2) Go to the gym 4 times per week. Since there is a gym right by my work and since i don't want to get on the 401 at 5pm. This is a reasonable goal.

3) Keep blogging on a regular basis. My goal is to have a new blog addition at least once per week. So far i think that is about as often as i update. If i can keep up that pace i will be happy.

4) Manage money better. I don't think that i have been terribly irresponsible in the past but I do think there is room for improvement. I plan to but quicken and keep track of all my spending. I would also like to increase the amount of money i put into rrsps.

So the status is ...

1) I think this one should not really apply anymore. And as such it will no longer me in future updates. I no longer work at MS in Mississauga so i no longer need to take the 407. In fact i have only been on it once since i left MS.

2) I am ashamed to admit that i am still not going to the gym as consistently as i should be. I did make it in 4 times last week but i have not been averaging that number. I think i am averaging twice so far. I have been very busy and i was sick for a few weeks but that is no excuse. I have to and will do better in the future.

3)I am happy to say that i have kept up my blogging. I have not missed a single week yet. I have been a day late a couple of times but there is still a new post every week. I am also happy to say that i have not really been struggling to find topics to discuss. That was a fear of mine so i am happy i am still able to come up with things.

4) I am still not tracking my money correctly. I haven't really done any big spending and i did increase my contributions to RRSP's but i still haven't bought a program to keep track of all income. No matter what happens this is one resolution i intend to keep by the next update.

Birthday Revisited.

So for my birthday last month my friends gave me two books.
1) The complete Encyclopedia of Marvel Comics
2) The complete Encyclopedia of DC Comics.

They both contain the entire history of both companies detailing just about every comic character from Superman and Spiderman to Antman and Booster Gold. For a comic book geek like me this was a fantastic present.

It also leads to something else i wanted to discuss. The movie spiderman 3. I don't know how to review a movie without giving spoilers so i won't review it here. I will just say that while it had some good parts I was not pleased with the fact that they altered the origin stories for some of the characters.

Next week...
Niagara Falls