Monday, May 28, 2007


Last week (or the week before was the 10th anniversary of hotmail). Consequently I thought now would be a good time to look back at my history with email. I remember when I first heard about email. It was spring 99. Although at that point i was finishing high school and knew that i would be studying computers in college I still thought the concept of emails was stupid. In fact in my grad picture of my year book where it asks for my email, I wrote "only nerds have one". LOL At that point I just didn't see the need for them. I remember someone telling me that i should get one show they could send me stuff. I said if you have something to tell me just call me. Well, i ended up getting a personal email a few months after highschool. And when i got to college they assigned me one also. Soon I had like 5 or 6 emails all set up for different purposes. However i am glad to say that i am one of the few people who don't abuse emails. I don't signup for tons of accounts. I can honestly say that i have only had 2 hotmail accounts in my life. I used the account duanem2 for years but i signed up for a few newsletters and my account got flooded with spam. So i opened the account that i still use to this day duanemartin24 I was also lucky enough to sign up for gmail early so i was able to get duanemartin Which is currently my primary email address.

I am not really going anywhere with all this. I just thought it would be fun to talk about emails for a little bit.

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--Todd said...

yeah only nerds have e-mails... NEEERRRDDDD


Nadeene said...

You were in high school in 1999? I was finishing 2nd year university in 1999 and mty first ever email account was my email address. The 7 stands for 1997 - the year I entered Queen's U and the nab are my initials.

Anyhow I got deep into the internet and got a hotmail, netscape and yahoo account. I still use my hotmail and yahoo a lot. In hotmail my junk mail filter is set to exclusive so only people in my address book can email me. I don't really use my netscape that much except when I worked at a job where they used AIM as their messenger then having an AIM/Netscape account meant I already had a screen name. My yahoo one is tied to my main rogers one. I have 4 rogers ones. And then I have 2 school (U of T)ones. So that means I have 9 email accounts. Wow that's a lot for one person. I am one of those who signs up for stuff but I have a lot of filters set up to keep spam to a minimum.