Sunday, May 20, 2007

Granting Requests

At the end of last weeks blog i said "Next week... I don't know yet." Usually i end my blogs with somewhat of a sneak peak as to the topic of next weeks blog. I have been blogging pretty consistently for the past 6 months and usually i have no problems coming up with a topic (Who says video games and too much TV kill the imagination eh?). However, last week i wasn't sure exactly what i wanted to cover the following week. Although i am sure that i would have come up with something, a funny thing happened. My blog received its first topic requests. The request came from my cousin Micheal and my cousin Jason. They are brothers and cousins of mine on my fathers side. They live in the states. They posted their requests in the comments section but just in case anyone is too lazy to click the link the requests were...

Mike said...
You should show some pictures from the trip.
Ideas for next week:
1. The current status on your DVD collection.
2. Fighting off the Martin Belly

Jason said...
I would second the idea on how to fight off the Martin Belly because I have been working out consistently for the past five months and though I do not have the official Martin Belly I can't seem to get the wash board abs that I want.

So in the interest of trying new things i will grant these request and cover these topics.

1)You should show some pictures from the trip.
Although my girlfriend did take some pictures and they have actually been developed and i am looking at them now in fact, i can't post them because i don't have them in digital format. I will get her to send me some pics and i will post them for a later post.

2) The current status on your DVD collection.
As i mentioned a little while ago my DVD collection is not growing at the exponential rate that it once was. However, I do still and probably always will buy DVD's. At last count my collection just inched past the 160 mark. We had an office party a few weeks ago where i received a $25 gift card for blockbuster. I used the money to buy "The Da Vinci Code" and "Rocky Balboa". I clearly had no choice but to buy Rocky because I already bought the first 5 Rocky's on DVD so i had to complete the collection. As for the Da Vinci Code i am not sure why I bought this one. Although the book is great i saw the movie in the theaters and i didn't really like it that much. I am not sure why i thought it would be any better the second time around. I can only hope the planned prequel (Angels & Demons) is better.

3) The last topic which was requested by both my cousins was fighting off the "Martin Belly"

This topic will require some explanation for those readers whose last name isn't Martin. My father has 7 brothers and most of them have a somewhat noticeable stomach. My cousins and I have named it the martin belly. When we were younger we all swore that we would never get it. I am not sure why they think i have the answer to this. I have been fighting a losing battle with it for the past few years. The problem is that my job just isn't very active. The heaviest thing i lift in a given day is a pen. But i have been going to the gym a little more steadily lately and i have dropped a few pounds. So to them and to anyone else reading this blog i make this promise. By new years eve 2007 i will have wash board abs (or at the least a very flat stomach).

And that's it. If in the future anyone who reads this blog has a topic request please feel free to post it and i will do my best to accommodate.

Next week... Emails


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Nadeene said...

That was a great post. Your friendliness comes through in your writing...great job. :)

In answer to the Martin belly issue, I have something for you:

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