Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Date Night

I don't really talk about my relationship much on my blog and this post isn't really about my relationship just an aspect of it i guess. Specifically where to go on dates. This of course implies that one has a date. I am not sure if that really applies to me anymore. To me a date is something you go on when you just start seeing someone. I have been with my girlfriend for almost 8 months at this point. We see each other every weekend. Its implied, its not like i call her up on a Tuesday and ask her if she would like to go out this weekend. This then raises the question of what constitutes a date. Now if we do go out to say dinner and a movie then that is obviously a date. However, A lot of time we just hang out at her house or mine. If we do not actually go out side i am not sure if this can be considered a date. Sometimes its just easier to stay in doors. Especially on a Friday after a long week at work.

This leads me to the real point of my post which is where are the good spots in Toronto to go on a date. A few weeks ago my girlfriend heard that the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) had been remodeled and as such they were giving free admission on a Sunday. We thought it would be a nice date outing. However, by the time we got there the lines were so long that we couldn't get in. However, the point is that going to the ROM would be a good place to go on a date. Other than that there is the aforementioned dinner and a movie, perhaps a nice cafe. I know i am not very interested in going clubbing so that's out. So what does that leave? I am not sure. I am trying to think of some interesting places to go. If anyone has some suggestions they would be much appreciated.

Anyways that's it for now.

Next Week ... The TTC


--Todd said...

As a person who also does not like clubs this is something that I have given a lot of thought to. I am still getting used to Toronto (believe it or not) as I don't spend much time there. The zoo is a fun day outing and what woman doesn't like cute animals, always a good time. The ROM was a good idea. One thing you should do is listen for interesting things going on like special events. Recently they've had the luminato festival and soon they will be having the Just for Laughs festival. On that note, comedy clubs like Second City can sometimes be an excellent evening since they are often accessible by subway, which allows you both to drink (which always makes comedy funnier). Taste of the Danforth is coming up, don't remember when but that is a fantastic thing to do. If you don't really feel like a lot of activity, a picnic down near the lake where you can watch the boats go by or out on Centre Island is a wonderfully romantic way to pass a summer afternoon. Or if you have the money, a day of sailing on the lake can be fun. If this tickles your fancy there are tours of Toronto you can take, where you learn about things like castle loma or the distillery district and the history they have to our city, which can be both interesting and educational. Of course you can't cut short eating in the CN towers revolving restaurant, people in Toronto usually ignore the tower because it's too "touristy" but that restaurant is top notch and looking down on the city as you eat can be a wonderful evening meal. I hope this was helpful.

Mike said...

Though I don't like to typically put labels on people, based on your maturity, the length of your current relationship, and because of the activities you described that you and your significant other partake in, I would say that the two of you are "courting." To use the term "courting" would imply that the two of you are thinking of each other as potential future spouses. Though I'm partial to folks being married, now that I am,I think marriage is a decision for every man and woman to consider on their own terms. So I'll leave the marriage point alone and move on.

Things to do:

Besides the obvious - movies, dinner, etc.....

Miniature Golf, Go-Karting, Video Arcade, Laser Tag, sky diving, and a trip to the Zoo or Amusement Park for those that are still kids at heart
Bike Riding, Paddle or Row Boating, Roller Skating, poetry club, or a nice walk for the sentimentals
Salsa Dancing or any Dance Club for the "go gettas"

On a side note, remember back in the day when Jay and I used to clown on you being from Canada and we would always make the statement "I didn't know Canada (Toronto) had......." and you would respond by saying "What the hell type of place do you think this is?"

I just thought of it sinced you asked about the good places to go in Toronto. I guess it's like we thought, Toronto doesn't have much.

Nadeene said...

LOL @ Toronto not having much...we have some interesting stuff going on especially in the summer. You just have to know where to look.

Remember around when we first met we went bowling one time...

Apart from the ROM,there is also the Bata Shoe Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario that make great dates locations and they each have free nights too.

It's ironic that just this week I was checking out the Toronto tourism web site to see what's happening in the city this summer. There is so much info to sift through: http://www.torontotourism.com/visitor

The TTC has the dates of all festivals coming up in june and july and last summer I went to quite a few of these, most of which are free. They were pretty enjoyable.
The june/july events are

Also there are these events which I haven't had time to research:
-CARIBANA - August (no need to research this one :))
-TASTE OF THE DANFORTH - This was good last year
-Mississauga Waterfront Festival
-Distillery Blues Festival
-Toronto Fringe Festival
-Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
-Beaches International Jazz Festival
-Parti-Gras Festival
-Jazz By Genre
-Architecture Days
-Toronto International Film Festival
-Nuit Blanche
-TD Canada Trust Toronto Jazz Festival - this was the only act that I would want to see:
Herbie Hancock Quartet
Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts ...... 145 Queen Street West 416-872-1111
8:00pm $45 to $135

And there is Yuk Yuks comedy club:

Also various festivals at harbourfront:
This weekend is barbados on the water at harbourfront: http://www.harbourfrontcentre.com/barbados

Also there is the beyonce concert on August 15 ;)

In addition, via my alumni association I get discounted tickets to Blue Jays games and to the Rogers cup ( women's tennis), as well as the Toronto Grand Prix.

Boyz II Men and Wayne Brady will be at Casino Rama in Orillia this summer but next dates are thursdays.

Habourfront has free festivals every weekend starting canada day weekend:

I get the Ontario yours to discover enewsletter and there are lots of activities in the city and outside:

The idea of salsa dancing is appealing too..:)

I leave it to you to research and select...but I do like staying home with you :)