Sunday, June 17, 2007


For anyone living outside of Toronto reading this Blog, the TTC stands for the Toronto Transit Commission. In other words the buses and trains of public transportation in the city. For a variety of reasons I have not had to spend much time on the TTC in my lifetime. I lived within walking distance of both my elementary school and my high school. When i was in college my mother lent me her car pretty much everyday. I think in 4+ years of college/university i probably only had to take the bus maybe about 15-20 times. Then after college my mother also lent me her car for almost another 2 years to get to and from my new job in Richmond hill which is about 30 minutes north of where i live by car but would have been around an hour and a half by bus. Then i got my bought my first car and i have been driving to work and every where else since.

That is until last week. As i am sure everyone is aware gas prices the world over have gone completely insane over about the last 6 months. And since my car is no hybrid and is actually quite the gas guzzler I have been spending a lot more money than i used to. In addition my workplace is in downtown Toronto and right on the subway line. I have been buying a monthly TTC metro pass to ride the subway for the last 6 months anyway. Basically, i would drive the to the subway, park my car and then hop on the train the rest of the way to work. However, my monthly metro pass also allows me to ride the bus to the subway station. I haven't done it because I was basically to lazy. However, last week i gave it a try. Its not actually that bad. In truth in only take me about an extra 10-15 minutes longer by bus than it did by car. But now i am not spending any money on gas. I didn't have the fill my tank this week and i probably wont have to next week either. So that is pretty good. My plan is to try and continue taking the bus until at least the end of September. The only time I will drive is on a day when i know i will have to work late. Taking the bus is fine during rush hour but the buses don't move so quickly when it is not rush hour.

And that's it....

Maybe not.

I also want to comment that i say the Fantastic four rise of the silver surfer last night. I am a comic book fan so good or bad any comic movie that comes out i go see. This movie is better than the first still not perfect. I would give it 3/5 stars.

Next week... Eating Healthy

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Nadeene said...

I too leave my car at home and take the bus to work but I must admit that I do it with great chagrin, at times. The reason is that the TTC appears to have scheduling issues. Sometimes I have to wait 10 minutes for a bus at rush hour, while many buses pass by with the 'Sorry not in service' sign up. Other times, after waiting 10 minutes for the bus to show up, 2 buses show up at the same time, both filled to the brim. Other times, the bus shows up relatively quickly but the A/C is so high that I am freezing my ass off like it's winter inside the freaking bus. Why the hell does the A/C have to be on so high in the summer? We have had a relatively chilly summer thus far and some mornings it is 18 degress celcius and I get on the bus and the A/C is on full blast and I have to sit there and shiver all the way to work (a 20 minute bus ride). I have even started carrying a jacket with me to wear on the bus so I don't die of freezer burn while taking the bus to work. Then I get on the train and it's packed but the A/C is on full blast and so cold that despite the fact that the train is packed, I'm still freezing my ass off. I have emailed the TTC to complain about this issue because it is really bothering me! TTC calls themselves the better way and talk about how taking the bus saves the environment but then they have the A/C on full blast, burning gas and sending a bunch of pollutants into the atmosphere while patrons are freezing along to work. And why the hell do office buildings have to be so cold in the freaking summer? Believe it or not, I had to request a heater from my company and basically I sit at my desk and have it blow on me all day long because the office is freezing cold. Seriously, neither the TTC nor businesses are serious about saving the environment as their actions (blasting their A/C) speak volumes.