Sunday, July 1, 2007

Video Games/Whats old is new

Video Games...

Once upon a time I was quite the video game player. I mention this because i know that at least two readers of this blog (Chris and Todd) are avid players. It occurred to me the other day that I have not played any video games in close to a year. And really it has been about two years since I have really looked forward to playing video games. I wonder how this happened. I sure as hell have not grown out of them. I mean at 27 years old I still watch cartoons on an almost daily basis, so I still enjoy many of the things I did when I was younger. The last game I ws really into a video game was Grand theft Auto San Andreas. For those not familiar with the GTA franchise it is basically a story in which your character commits various crimes to accomplish various tasks. It was a great game but a little too long for my tastes. I was at 40 hours of playing over the course of about 4 months before i had enough and stopped playing. I was in my mid twenties and was using every cheat code I could get my hands on and still could not beat the game. To me no video game should require more than about 15-20 hours to beat it the first time through. Otherwise it turns into a part time job.

My next beef is with the next gen consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii). Simply put, they are too dammed expensive. I just can not justify paying close to $600 for a video game console. I know the Wii is cheaper but the graphics aren't as good. I mean the money for some of these systems is as much as full blown desktop PC. When the price gets down into the $300 range i may reconsider but for now i am going to have to swear off video games. Which is unfortunate because i do miss them.

I will end this portion of the blog with a quote:

Most people won't understand that quote but i know at least 2 people that will. LOL

Whats old is new...

I mention this because i just saw "Live free, Die Hard" on Friday. The return of the role that made Bruce Willis an action star and helped to redefine action movies as a whole. With this movie i think the trifecta is now complete. By that i mean all the 80's stars have returned. Terminator 3 -> Rocky Balboa -> Die Hard. In 2000 the concept of another sequel to any of these movies seemed completely ridiculous. I mean for god's sake Sly Stallone is 60 years old. What the fuck is he doing in the ring. But 2 his credit Rocky Balboa is a good movie. Terminator 3 is also a great movie (I think i might actually like it more than the 2nd, which is crazy to some people). And Live free, Die Hard is also a fantastic action movie.

With out giving away too many spoilers Live free, Die Hard is about cyber terrorism. Now, i know enough about computers to know a good percent of the techno-babble that's spoken in this movie is complete bullshit!!! But, from beginning to end the action in this movie is amazing. If you are looking for a good action movie go see it.

I am left wondering who is the next 80s/90s action star who is going to make a comeback? I am thinking Jean-Claude Van Damme stars in Blood Sport 2 (This time its personal!!!!!) LOL.

Next week... Visiting relatives.


Renee said...

HOw about we just hope for an end to this genre of film altogether?

Mike said...

The "We Goin' play a lotta games" quote had me rolling. I feel like I'm in the same boat as you, I haven't played a video game since I left college. Basically that's the last time Jason and I lived together for more than a couple of weeks, and he keep the PS2. I still have the Nintendo, Sega Genesis, the Sega CD nad Master's system that you gave us, Nintendo 64, and PS1 at my parents place but neither Jay or I have gone to retrieve them.

Jason Martin said...

Classic. Thoe was the good oh days.
I agree with you on the consoles cost to much. It's just not worth it.

--Todd said...

I think you're too spoiled Duane. Consoles have been really cheap for such a long time but now they're coming up in price. Consider that if you were to get a gaming PC that had the same capabilities as an XBox 360 you would be paying through the nose. I think that as long as the console is less then a PC of the same capability we're doing ok. It just becomes a more difficult dicision as to whether to get the console or not. If it was still $100 for a console I would consider buying it if there was 1 or 2 games that I liked for it in hopes that I would pick up a few more over time, but before I can justify the purchase of a $600 system I better be damn sure there are at least a dozen games that I want to play for that. All in all I haven't really been stretching my variety of games recently and as a final note finish GTA the end is amazing, you may find that you're having trouble because of the cheat codes as I've been through this game twice without any and just mentioning it makes me want to dive back in again. WOOHOO!

chris said...

yes, I do think you are crazy to think T3 is better than T2!

Nadeene said...

When I was a teen I liked Mario brothers, wheel of fortune, tetris and teenage mutant ninja turtles.

Nowadays, the only video game that I'm interested in is called "Brain Age" by Nintendo of America.
Platform: Nintendo DS

Why? Because I'm trying to prevent alzheimers and dementia :)