Sunday, July 8, 2007

Visiting relatives/Transformers

Visiting relatives

So this week I had some relatives come into town for a visit. Specifically my cousin Micheal (a reader and commenter on this blog) and his new wife Krystal. I use the term new somewhat loosely because technically speaking they have been married for over a year. I was actually in their wedding last may. It was really good to see them. Mike and his younger brother Jason and I have always been pretty close. I am the youngest of three but i always considered Mike and Jay as the younger brothers I didn't have so its always good to see either of them. This however was going to be his first trip to Canada as a married man, so i was interested to seeing if married life was treating him well. Also i was looking forward getting to know his wife. I obviously was at the wedding but before this weekend i don't remember having too many conversations with her. Well, i am glad to report that married life is treating him very well and that i am very pleased with who he married.

They came in on Wednesday evening but since i was working we didn't really get a chance to hang out until Friday. So, on Friday Mike, Krystal, Nadeene (my girlfriend) and I all went out to dinner at Spring Rolls. It's a very nice Thai restaurant on Eglington just a little less than a block east of Younge street. The plan was for us to eat dinner and then go catch a late showing of transformers after. However, more importantly than that i wanted my kid brother and his wife to meet my girlfriend. I am glad to say that everyone got along well and Nadeene received a glowing review (which I knew she would). Unfortunately after dinner by the time we got to the movies all the tickets were sold out. However, since we were already somewhat close to downtown we decided that we would just hit a club instead. We went to this place called "Union" first because there was some guy handing out free passes. When we got inside we realized why. The place was straight wack!!! So we walked down the street and went to Seven lounge where Flow 93.5 was broadcasting live. That place was much better and we all had a good time.

The next day my family had a small barbecue at my house and the four of us hung out some more. On Sunday they headed back to Michigan. I look forward to their next trip up north and also Nadeene and i promised to make a trip up there also.


First let me just say that i am a fairly big transformers fan. I am probably a bigger comic fan than transformers but, i will always have a special place in my heart for transformers. I haven't really followed any of the later TF series since the end of Transformers Beast Machines but i have fond memories of the original. (And yes i was in tears in 87 when Optimums Prime died because of hot rod (Rodimus Prime, don't get me started on that jack ASS!!!).

Because of all this I was equal parts thrilled and scared when I heard that a live action transformers movie was being made. I was thrilled because i feel that I have waited 20 years to see this movie. I was scared because I thought it would be far to difficult to translate to the silver screen.

Let me say now and let there be no doubt about this. Transformers is the MOST visually stunning movie I have ever had the pleasure of watching in my 27 years on earth. In my opinion this movie has better special effects than in movie i have ever seen in my entire life!!!! That's right, i am putting transformers special effects above all three Matrix movies, Terminator movies, Lord of the rings, Jurassic Park, and anything else you can think of. The fights at the end of the movie between the autobots/decepticons/humans is out of this world. I have a fairly robust vocabulary but i do not have the words to fully articulate this battle in a way that would do it justice. It has to be seen to be believed.

As for the plot of the movie... i liked it. However, i was a fan of the characters and the action movie/science fiction genre going in to the movie. As such i don't think that this is a type of move that someone would enjoy if they don't like big explosions and car chases and so on. So i can't say the movie has universal appeal. I will say i liked it better than anything else i have seen this summer (spider man 3, Fantastic four 2, Die hard 4). Even my girlfriend who can usually only stand a certain amount of gun play said to me that she thought the movie was amazing. I am officially counting the days until they make the inevitable sequel.

Well that's it for this week.

Next week... Black folks/Caribbean time


Jason said...

Good to hear you had a good weekend with Mike visiting. I hope I was not the source of any jokes since I was not there to defend myself. LOL. Anyways, I have a different opinion about Transformers. The special effects was great and the plot was pretty good too. But I felt they dumbed the moive down to much for little kids and put some of the most predictable jokes I have ever heard in the moive. Maybe because I am a big fan of comedy, I really analyze jokes more than others. If there is a sequel, I would hope they make the movie more hard and grown up for people who truely watched the cartoon when it came out.

--Todd said...

Just a note on the whole transformers thing. I thought the movie was awesome and I don't say this very often but the special effects really did blow me away. I was really expecting that they would show us a transformation once and then just have it off screen because it's so costly but that is completely not what happened. When Starscream transformed in mid flight, took out a couple of jets and then transformed back... awesome. When Megatron smashed Optimus Prime through an office building? spectacular. I will have to disagree with you on the plot though, it seemed a little off to me. I couldn't understand why the military thought it would be a good idea to hide the one thing that the giant killer alien robots wanted in the middle of a highly populated area. It seemed like they were purposely handicapping themselves since the military and the autobots both want to prevent civilian casulties while the decepticons could care less. So it wasn't the ideal battle ground for the good guys... plot wise. But GOD DAMN!!! it was fun to watch.

as a side note, if giant killer alien robots were fighting it out in downtown and I was there I would run for cover ASAP not continue walking down the street or driving my car as many citizens of that city thought was prudent. =p

Nadeene said...

It was great to meet your extended family. They are fun and cool people successful...They would make good mentors for African American teens in high school.

Transformers was great!