Sunday, August 5, 2007

Visiting Relatives - part 2/Caribana

So I know this post is supposed to be about "Reading" but to keep the blog topical to what is going on in my day to day life I am switching the topic. I should also point out that this will be a fairly short post this week.

So my cousins came into town this week, just for a little visit and to attend Caribana. My cousin Micheal and his wife Krystal have a birthday around this time so I am sure this is a nice get away for them. His brother Jason has come up for Caribana multiple times. So on Friday night my girlfriend and I went out to dinner with them. We went to the KEG. I have never been to the KEG before. It is a fairly nice restaurant. It has a similar feel to Kelseys but slightly more upscale. The portion size was decent also. They give you enough food to fill you up but not so much that you feel overly stuffed. Overall, a good time was had by all.

I decided that Caribana just wasn't going to be my thing this year. My girlfriend had to study for an upcoming exam and would not be able to make it. Generally speaking I am not a huge Caribana fan. I don't even remember the last time that I would have gone to the parade. I used to go down on Young street on the Friday and Saturday nights and just walk around. It was pretty crazy down there. But I was down there last year and I realized that I am quite a few years older than the majority of the people down there. In addition since I already have a girlfriend I am not going to go down there just to look at girls. Another options would be to go to a club. But many clubs jack up the cover charges at this time of year. I have ZERO interest in spending $50 dollars to get in to any night club anywhere. And god only knows what drinks will cost.

As someone of Caribbean decent part of me thinks I have some level of responsibility to attend an event like this. But the older I get the less interested in the party lifestyle I become. Honestly, I enjoy a quiet evening of hanging out with my girlfriend as much or more than getting hammered and hitting some club. The transition has been slow but i guess i am just getting old. :(

There will be no post for the next one or two weeks. I leave for vacation next Saturday and will not return until the following Sunday night. I am going to Saint Lucia with my girlfriend.

Next Post ... What happened on my Vacation

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Nadeene said...

I like going to Caribana because it reminds me of home - the food, the spectacle, the people, the weather, the music.

The parties can still be fun even if you're part of a couple. In the past, I enjoyed the ones DJ'ed by dr jay and starting from scratch.

Next year we can check it out.

But since we're going to Saint Lucia this year we can get our authentic Caribbean experience there.