Sunday, September 2, 2007

Celebrities Girls

This was an uneventful week for me which is why i am writing about a fairly forgettable topic. My topic this week are the current crop of celebrity girls who are always in the news. In particular Brittany, Paris, and Lindsay (AKA The 3 whores of the apocalypse). These bitches are all millionaires with very little actual talent. Brittany hit the scene at the same time as Christina and Jessica and she easily has the worst voice of the three. Her record sales and fame in my opinion can be attributed entirely to her being under 18 (at the time) and having the ability to shake her ass. However, 8 years and two kids later no one and I mean NO ONE is remotely interested in seeing her shake anything. She is a complete mess in every sense of the word.

Then theres Lindsay. Of the three my guess is she had the most actual talent. At one point people actually considered her acting to be pretty good. I have never actually seen a movie with her in it so I am not really qualified to judge. But i do know that her performance in "Mean girls" and "Freaky Friday" were both highly regarded. Her singing is 100% made in the studio so i give her no credit for vocal talent. Unfortunately for her she fell into the trap that effects many child stars. Fame and partying have caused a very fast and sharp decline to the point that she has been in rehab multiple times this year and will be lucky to escape prison for drunk driving and cocaine possession. Again she is a complete mess!!!

Finally there is Paris Hilton. It amazes me that i can hate some one i have never met as much as I hate her. To me she represents everything that is wrong with society and the western world. That someone as dumb and ignorant as she is can MAKE the money she does is just completely wrong. I put the word make in bold because she makes millions of dollars a year. I am not talking about the money she earns from her families hotel empire. She is entitled to that. I am talking about the money SHE MAKES from appearance fees and other endeavors. She got famous because of a sex tape. I am ashamed to admit that I have seen the tape and it is the worst sex I have ever scene. The woman has not a drop of talent. Yet she has movies and albums and perfumes and clothing lines and books and people out there buy it and eat it up. Its disgusting. Why can't people she this bitch for the ignorant whore that she is. And all that would be fine if she was at least attractive. But she IS a cross eyed, buck toothed, beak nosed NEW YAAAWWWK socialite piece of SHIT!!!!

I think that might be the meanest i have ever been in my blog but it had to be said. In conclusion there is nothing inherently wrong with having little talent and being famous as long as you are self aware. Pamela Anderson has no more talent than any of these girls. But she at least realizes that she has no talent and makes a living off her body. But Paris and the rest think they are gods gift to the world.

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Nadeene said...

LOL...calm down :)

Yeah but they are chickenheads in the truest, realest sense of the word.

--Todd said...

very funny. You still haven't done the whole BET thing you promised and I can imagine you would have some harsh words for them as well... looking forward to more ranting. I don't know why I enjoy that so much.

Renee said...

What else can you expect when we live in a consumerist, capitalist society. I will however say that calling these women bitches and whores is extremely problematic. These terms are created by patriarchy to ensure the paternity of any children that may arise in a sexual relationship. Further to the point these terms are not often associated with men. Instead of making a good critic of capitalism you fell prey to asserting your privilege as a male to demean women based on the way they choose to assert their sexuality. Keep in mind that while you are busy pounding on your chest and yelling unga bunga that there are just as many no talent male stars selling their sexuality for a profit.

--Todd said...

men are often referred to scum, bastards and deadbeats. We each have our set of demeaning names created by the opposite sex to try and get an upper hand on the other. It is an eternal struggle and we should all work together but it will never happen. But since Duane was trying to demean the women he was talking about I have no issue with him using demeaning phrases. Also, no idea where you got that paternity thing from, I've never heard that before... do you have a source?