Sunday, September 9, 2007

MSN Blogs/Message Boards

I have to begin this week with kind of an apology. I got somewhat of a request in the comments of last weeks blog to discuss BET. I had promised a blog reader (Todd) a while ago that I would have a post outlining my opinion on BET. However, I am not in the right frame of mind to wright that post at the momment. Quite frankly that post is going to be an extremely negative post. I am going to be much harder on them than I was on the celebrity girls last week. I don't want to do two negative posts in a row. As such this week's post is a much lighter topic. MSN Blogs/Message Boards.

When i started working, the home page on my desktop computer was It was the default location and it seemed like a safe homepage to have. As a consequence of this i often found myself reading the articles that were on that page. So much so that it is still my home page today 3 years and 1 job later. On the home page there are 2 links that I follow almost everyday as long as i am not too busy. One section is the "Dating & Personals" section. Now obviously i am already in a relationship so i am not looking for dates but there is a blog connected to this section that i have been following for a little over a year now. It's called Single in the Suburbs Its about a recently divorced 40 something mother of two who decided to try her hand at online dating. The blog chronicles her success and failures. She updates it about every two weeks. I find myself rooting for her. I disagree with the man she is dating now and i hope she breaks up with him and keeps looking. He is not good enough for her. Which is is extremely silly of me to say seeing as how I don't actually know this woman. For all i know she deserves to be with a jerk like Kevin (that's the jerks name).

The other site i go to is the lifestyle link. From there you can go to either the women section or the men section. I like to go women section and go to the message boards. It is filled with women bitching about the personal lives. They post stuff that is extremely personal. I am guessing the anonymous nature of it gives them the freedom to do it. But if their spouses ever found out I am sure the marriages would be over. There is just something incredibly juicy about hearing/reading information that is completely none of your business. :)

Well, that's it for this week...

Next Week... Business Analyst.

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