Sunday, October 28, 2007

Candian Currency

I want to state in advance that this will probably be a fairly short post. My topic this week is the drastic change in the value of Canadian currency that has taken place over the past few years. Simply put I am not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand the increased currency value was a godsend when we going on vacation to St Lucia a few months ago. On the other hand as my sister always points out to me I know that I don't live in a bubble. As such I realize that the increased Canadian dollar is making life difficult for some other business.

In short I think a good value for the dollar is about 80 cents American. It's cheap enough so that the Americans will buy from us but it is expensive enough so that if I want to cross the border for any reason I am not going to be paying an arm and a leg.

I will end with a funny story. As mentioned in my blog a few weeks ago I recently went on a business trip to Dearborne Michigan for Ford. Before I went I visited a bank to get $20 US. I think it cost me about $20.65 Canadian. When I got back I had ten US left so I thought I might as well get it changed. The Bank gave me 9.65 Canadian. I was shocked and teller and I had a good laugh.

Finally, to my American Readers... How does it taste? Do you like knowing that our funny colored money is worth more than yours. LOL

Next Week... Dealing with fights with significant Other

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Anonymous said...

wow you are admitting that you don't live on an island!!!!!!!! score one for big sis.