Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is substantially more stressful than it needs to be. I am just trying to get married not run for president. But honestly the whole thing feels as complicated as a political campaign. The first issue was about booking the church. My fiancee is Catholic and in the interests of maintaining positive relations with my future in laws I agreed to have a catholic ceremony. However, the catholic church insists that you have to have a full year of engagement. Since I proposed in September and we want to get married in August 08, we don't have the year requirement. When my fiancee went to see the priest he told her that he wouldn't perform the ceremony. She explained that the reason we want an august ceremony is because her brother is a teacher and her sister is still in university so they wouldn't be able to come in September or October. In addition we don't want to have a wedding in the cold of winter. He said our situation does not matter and that it has to be a year. He also said that the year engagement would give her time to consider if she really wants to marry a non-catholic. Thankfully I wasn't there for this comment. Otherwise I would have told this piece of shit priest he can go fuck himself!!! He's probably just pissed about not having sex in his whole god dammed repressed life. I mean for gods sake he is unwilling to compromise by a few weeks. It's not like we were trying to have the ceremony in April or something. In fact when i proposed I was thinking that we would have an 11.5 month engagement so that should be enough to satisfy the church. But it was not enough for this asshole!

Luckily, there is another church not to far down the street and they were more willing to deal. They said we could have the ceremony in august. My fiancee still had to bring in proof of her confirmation and baptismal (There is a long story behind this but i will leave it for now). We also have to take some marriage preparation course. He has mentioned that me converting to Catholicism would be a good idea but it is not mandatory. Well, since it is not mandatory I have no interest in converting. If it were mandatory I would place my hand on the bible and I would lie to his face by swearing to be a good catholic for as long as I live. He also said that the latest we can have the ceremony is 2:00 pm Because there is a 5:00pm mass. 2:00pm is at last an hour or 2 earlier than I would liked but I can live with it.

Our next hurdle is in booking the hall for the reception. We called a few places and they are all pretty much booked for the Saturdays in August. However, we did find one place that has a spot for a wedding of our size (120-150 ppl). The place is called Le Parc. Actually my friend and ex-coworker Domenico got married there 2 years ago. He had a very nice ceremony so that's how I knew about the place. I emailed him for information on the place and he gave them a good review. We have a meeting with them on Monday Oct 22 at 7pm. So, if everything goes well I could have the church and reception booked by tomorrow. Now all I have to deal with are the million other things involved in getting married. I am hoping it gets easier from hear but i doubt it.

Next week... Canadian Currency.


Anonymous said...

Your repressed stress has just been released...and I thought I was the only one stressed by all this :)

We'll get through it.

Jason said...

You have me laughing way to hard as I read this post. I can almost here you speaking it. I am sure things will get easier. All I can say is don't let the BS get in the way of enjoying the time bewteen now and they day you get married.

--Todd said...

Church people can get awfully screwed up. You have to consider what an uncompromising position does to further the mission of the church and then ask yourself if that is what God wants. Oh well... at least you found someone who wasn't completely stuck up, if the jerk priest had compromised for August he probably would have forced you to become a catholic.