Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fights with Significant Other/American Gangster

Thankfully most of the time I don't get into many fights with my fiancee. But we are human and life isn't like the Brady bunch so they do happen occasionally. I think it is pretty natural for the most part. We are not clones of each other and we have our own opinions on things. And when you spend as much time together as we do sometimes those differing opinion's are going to get into conflict. We thankfully never have any of the over the top arguments that are always present in movies and music video's. We are both under a lot of stress right now and as such tempers can wear thin somtimes.

However, I do have a few tips for anyone in relationship who gets in an argument with your significant other.

1) Always remember that you love this person.
2) Focus on the the subject of the argument and and don't bring up old shit. (I can be guilty of this sometimes)
3) Stay calm and think rationally.

We try to follow these three rules and it works pretty well for us.

American Gangster

I saw this movie on Friday. Overall it's not bad but I don't think it was that great either. It's a pretty long film and I think that some things could have been cut out with out sacrificing any of the movies overall effectiveness. I don't regret seeing it in the theaters but I won't be buying the DVD.

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--Todd said...

what a lengthy and detailed summation of the movie =P

chris said...

watched this last night, i agree

Scot said...

Still think you need to get more CUSS

Nadeene said...

I thought that american gangster was good and enjoyed all 2 hours...I liked all the references to the period in which this happened and a lot of time was spent on setting up the backdrop of the movie...I hated all the shots of people injecting themselves - ugh...Getting a vaccine scares me so much so not sure how anyone can stick a needle into themself voluntarily...I got stabbed with a staple last week and nearly cried...far less for putting needles in my arm...I hate Frank Lucas - he's the scum of the earth and the negro is still cocky about all the dirt he did...what a waste of human cells.