Monday, November 12, 2007

The Last Weekend

I know this post is supposed to be about reading but I want to keep this blog current. This past weekend I went to Niagara Falls with some of the guys. The reason for the trip was for a Bachelor Party for a friend of mine. He is getting married in two weeks. To be honest I wasn't really dying to go to this. I didn't think it was necessary. I don't mean that I think that we should not have had a bachelor party I just mean the trip all the way to Niagara. It seems to me that a simple night at any Toronto strip club would have been enough. We didn't end up going to a strip club in Niagara. We went to some other club that I can't remember the name of at the moment it is located right beside the fallsview casino.

I am guessing it is the only club in the city because the line to get in was completely insane. We had arranged to be on the guest list but that didn't mean a hell of a lot. In the end we had to bribe the bouncer to by pass the line. We gave him $15 a piece. Since there were 16 of us that amounts to quite a lot of money. Then we still had to pay the cover. Inside the club itself it was ok. It wasn't really my kind of music being played but was about what I expected. Unfortunately there were a few too many drunks there for my taste. I understand the fact that people drink in clubs but there were too many drunks there. There was at least one person who threw up. I didn't see it happen but I did see the puke on the floor. Thankfully, some one who works there mopped it up quickly, but it is still gross. Also, there were at least 3 fights that I saw. The best thing to do when a fight breaks out in a club is to just get the hell out of the way. The bouncers will get in there and start throwing people around and you DO NOT want to get caught in between. I also, don't think the bouncers did a good enough job of removing people. There were a couple of drunks there who were just looking for trouble and should have been escorted out. Honestly, the security in clubs is far too lax these days. A few years ago I remember being searched before I entered any club. Now I can't remember the last time I was searched before going inside. While being searched is not fun, it does provide the people in the club with some assurance that there are no weapons inside. The truth is that if you have young people in cramped quarters, listening to loud energizing music, drinking more alcohol than they can handle the possibility of a fight is always there. Overall though I guess I still had a good time but it is not something I would do again in a hurry. It's just not my thing any more.

Which bring me to the point, something that I have mentioned quite a few times on this blog. The concept of going out partying and drinking heavily is not something I have any interest in doing. I enjoyed spending some time with some friends but I was very glad when the night was over and was looking forward to going home and seeing my fiancée.

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Nadeene said...'re grown so that stuff just doesn't appeal to you anymore...understood; I'm the same.

chris said...

holy crap, I did the same thing this weekend, only we saw the line up (the club is called dragonfly) and said screw it, and went to a strip club instead (which was really good btw, by strip club standards)