Monday, November 26, 2007

My Friends Big fat Greek Wedding

So first off I want to apologize for my third bait and switch in a row. I meant for this post to address all the topics that I keep bumping for later topics. However, an old friend of mine got married this weekend and I couldn't NOT mention it in my blog. My friend Tony and I met in second grade so we have been friends for just about 20 yrs. Which when you consider the fact that I am only 27 is a hell of a long time to be friends with someone. He is the first one of my close friends to get married.

Anyways his wedding was this past Saturday. It was hands down the biggest wedding I have ever been to. While I am sure that not all of them came to the wedding Tony had told me that there were 570 people scheduled for the reception. I was also happy because this was the first time for my fiancee to meet some of my friends that she hadn't met yet.

As you probably guessed from the title my friend is Greek. As such he had a very traditional Greek wedding. Much more traditional than I was expecting. The ceremony was in a Greek orthodox church. And at the reception the band was Greek and they had traditional Greek dancers. However, the food was pretty much standard Canadian stuff.

Truthfully it was a very surreal thing to watch someone you have known for so long get married. I suppose it will be the same thing for him in 9 months when it is my turn.

Well congrats Tony, I wish you all the best.

Next week ... TV writers Strike/Lion Man/Reading

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