Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good Bye Ford Canada

Well, last week was the end of my time working on site at Ford Canada. Overall I must say that it was a very good experience. I was somewhat thrown into it. The person from Wunderman that was on-site got married and moved to be with his new wife in Houston Texas. I had about two days notice before I showed up at Ford. I was a little nervous about going because quite frankly I was happy downtown. I could have refused the transfer but I am not too sure how that would have effected my long term career prospects. I work for a consulting company to some degree so shifting assignments should be part of the job. The only reason I was somewhat hesitant were because of a the distance, it's in Oakville Ontario which is about an hour from where I live. Additionally, I did not care for some of the full time employees at Microsoft and since this is another big company I assumed I would be in the same situation again. However, the difference is that since I was not initially hired to work at Ford I was able to negotiate compensation for the distance I traveled. I was given 48 cents per km. Which worked out to about 370 per week. Since I rarely spent more than about 100 per week on gas this worked out to a decent profit margin. Also, I was compensated for 407 fees so traffic was rarely a problem.

Also, the employees at Ford are polar opposites of the full time employees at Microsoft. I felt completely welcomed and part of the team from the very beginning. I was offered the opportunity to stay at ford indefinitely. I turned it down for a few reasons. Although I was being compensated for the distance I still didn't completely feel it was worth it. For one thing it is tiring to drive that amount of distance every single day. Working at ford would mean being in my car for a minimum of two hours a day. When I drive on the highway I have to be very alert. There were more than a few times when I felt myself getting sleepy behind the wheel. My car is also becoming somewhat of a high mileage vehicle. As of today it has 183,000 km on it. since working at ford means putting 760km per week on it the car would probably not last that much longer. I bought the car with 123k on it so i have put on 60k in just under 2.5 years. I want it to last me at least another 2.5 years and working at Ford would not help that situation.

Being off site also concerned me. I was not sure that any accomplishments I made would be guaranteed to make it back to the main office. I would be depending on the Ford clients to relay my work back to Wunderman. I don't like that concept.

But Overall it has been a good experience and since the hours at Ford are longer I received extra vacation time. I don't have to go back to work until January 7th. Since my fiancee is off also we get to spend some time together.

I just passed a year at Wunderman last month and because of the moving around I have done I have definitely added some positives to my resume. I worked with Sibel, MS SQL Server 2000 and MS SQL Server 2005, MS Visual studio 2005. Also I worked with Unica and Business Objects (Crystal Reports). That's five positives that I can add to my resume which will definitely help me in the future.

I will miss aspects of Ford Canada but I will be happy to be back down town.

I am Legend

I saw this movie and didn't care for it. I found it very depressing. Also, from what I have heard it is a very big departure from the books original story line. I have talked to some other people and they seemed to like it, but it just didn't work for me on many levels. However, the movie did have the premiere trailer for "The dark Knight". Which looks absolutely incredible.

Next week ... Christmas Season.

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Nads said...

Prison Break seasons 1 and 2 were as depressing as I Am Legend was. I mean the only positive parts of PB happened in the season finales.