Sunday, December 2, 2007

TV writers Strike/Lion Man

So this post has been a very long time coming. Actually I kept putting it off because other things have come up in my life. That's not to say that this stuff doesn't interest me it's just that they can mostly be covered in a few sentences.

TV writers Strike

As most people who know me know, I consider my self to be somewhat of a student of pop culture and Television is a big part of this. If you have been watching the news you may have heard that there is currently a TV writers strike going on. What it is based on is the total lack of revenue/residuals that are not being paid to writers for the new media forms. What I mean is that for some reason studios think it is okay to generate revenue off of the Internet or DVD sales and not provide the writers with any compensation for there work. If you watch a TV show on a network website (as opposed to an illegal file sharing site) you are forced to watch the show in a viewer they provide. This viewer allows you to rewind but you can not fast forward through the commercial advertising content the studios put in the shows. If there is advertising content then the studios are making money. If they are making money then they should have compensate the creators of the material. To me that would seem obvious but for some strange reason the studios feel they should not have to pay the writers anything. When a show is sold into syndication the studio have to compensate the writer for the work. I don't see why the deal should be any different if the syndication happens on the Internet as opposed to television. Obviously the writers want to put a stop to this. As such, about three weeks ago they went on strike. This is having huge affects on the TV season. The 7th season of 24 has already been canceled. A serialized show like 24 needs to have all the episodes filmed. They can't shoot some and air them and wait for weeks on end for a strike to be resolved before they can show the rest. The Fans of the show expect to see the show continuously for 24 weeks straight. Anything else is simply unacceptable. Although 24 was pretty bad last season I was still looking forward to its return. Now it looks like I will have to wait another year to see it. Another show that is up in the air is LOST. Lost was supposed to have a shortened season of only 16 episodes. But apparently they have not finished filming/writing enough of them yet. It has not been officially canceled this season but it is certainly looking like that is the likely outcome.

The only show that are pretty much safe are American Idol and other reality shows. Since in general I hate reality TV and think it is the worst thing to happen to the medium since Ted Turner or Fox news, I am not thrilled about the prospects for TV in the winter season.

I hear that the studios and the writers are negotiating again. I hope they get this resolved soon or I could see myself spending a lot of money on DVD's for entertainment.

Lion Man

Have you seen this?

As I have mentioned in past post I have been working at ford for the past 2.5 months. I actually sit next to the guys who are somewhat responsible for this campaign. I have heard them on the phone discussing it. They are nice people and I enjoy working with them. That being said, this is still an incredibly dumb idea. Who they hell thought that a "Lion man" could help them sell cars. The new Ford Focus is actually a very good small car. It doesn't need Lion men! Ford needs to focus on cars and leave the "Lion Men" in the jungle.

That's it for this week.

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Nads said...

I like the Lion Man ad - I think it's funny :)

And as for the strike: Big business is always greedy so I'm not surprised. I hope the writers get their due and new episodes of my fave shows start showing again.

--Todd said...

You're being far too harsh on your coworkers. That lion man ad was just a fun thing and that has mostly been the case for cars and beer. The simple fact is that if you try and tell us what makes your car good or different than other cars you just make it sound like everything else. When I watch a car commercial where they talk about feature I remember nothing when they do something that is somewhat entertaining like lion man then I remember it and that is the most important part, don't you think? As I said, beer is the same way. Beer is pretty much beer no matter which ones you look at. You can discuss subtle differences like colour or texture or something like that but people are just going to drink whichever and some people get really attached to a single brand. If you want to sway the whatever people to drink your beer than you have to entertain them with the commercials and make them remember your name, that is the only way. So ease up on the car guys because they are doing the right thing to get people to buy their cars.

Scot said...

As for the strike..every worker is an exploited worker. The lion man commercial is disturbing on many levels. I could probably write a book on everything that is wrong with but I will settle for just a few obvious points.
Item 1) They found lion man in Africa, which we know is populated by blacks. If you look at his face at the beginning of the commercial you will notice that it is of a darker hue than at the end, It states that he is uncivilized, and further infered that he is violent. That is the typical social construction aimed at black males.

Item 2) Next we see the classic whites mans burden. TO save the dark and conflicted soul through contact with white people. This contact must ultimately lead to a more civilized being. This is the argument used to defend the colonialist instinct that has historically justified oppression and exploitation is so-called third world countries.

Item 3) The obvious exploitation of female sexuality. Why is it necessary to display the female body in sexual positions to sell cars? These women laugh as they wash the car scantily clad clearly appealing to the male gaze. This car is clearly not marketed to women.

Item 4) Lion man returns to his so-called "savage" state when he believes that he is being challenged for women. This segment constructs women as objects that are ultimately the possession of men. In a word PROBELMATIC.

There is so much more that I could say but it would turn into a rant.

Duane said...

I have to respond to my more militant than usual older sister. Sis, you are wrong here on almost every level.

I have the following responses to your comments

1) He is a Lion Man, if they don't get him from Africa where would you like them to find him.

2) This is basically encino man with Lion man substituted for a cave man

3) Hot women sell Cars. Or more generally Sex sells period

4)What the hell are you talking about.

In conclusion, Lion man is a dumb commercial but for none of the reasons you named.