Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fake Asses

I think some people might see the title and assume I am talking about fake people. As in people who are phony are disingenuous. But that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about people who literally have a fake ass. Just like in the 80s when breast implants were all the rage it seems that over the past few years there has been a steady rise in butt implants.

I will start by posting a few images of women who are suspected of having a fake ass.

Number 1) Kim (Ho-Dashian) Kardashian

As you can see she has an abnormally large ass. Which is questionable to say the least. However, As large as this is, my next suspect has her beat hands down.

Number 2) Angel Lola Luv

This ass has to be fake Period! Human beings are not built like this. I don't know how she even walks with out falling backward because of all that ass.

Finally, I have a pic of the only women who I know has a confirmed FAKE ASS!!!.
Nicole "CoCo" Austin

I know for a fact that this ass is fake because I have seen before pics. Unfortunately I could not find a before pic as of this writing but I assure you all that NO ASS is meant to be this big.

The last thing I will post is a youtube video of a young house wife who thought it would be a good idea to enlarge her booty. BIG MISTAKE as you will see.

Next Week.... Dirty Jobs

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Life Downtown

I will apologize in advance because this is also going to be a very short post. But to make up for it I promise that next week will be a very funny post.

This week I want to talk about life downtown. I have been back working downtown out of the Wunderman head office for 2 weeks now. I must say that I enjoy it. I had been away from the head office for the previous 3 months. Although my time at Ford was mostly enjoyable there are things that I did not like. The top being the amount of distance I had to drive. The time it took to get to work really is about the same as the time it takes to get downtown. The difference are that at Ford the day starts at 8am and at Wunderman the day starts at 9am. There were times that I found it very hard to be completely alert that early in the morning. Since it is pretty dangerous to be not alert when going 130k on the highway I am glad that I do not have to do it anymore. Conversely I take the bus and train to work downtown. If I am not awake it's no big deal. In fact I have fallen asleep on the bus twice already. I can't miss my stop because my stop is the station. Since my bus stop is one of the first stops on the route I always have a seat. It's a good system.

I also missed working in the city. There is always something going on and I am more likely to bump into people. I bumped into my father on the bus going home one day and on the train going home another day. I bumped into my girl friend on the train also. Also working down town allows me to do some reading. I read on the bus and train to and from work. Since the round trip is 2 hours I can get a good amount of reading done. I have already read 2 novels and 1 graphic novel since I have been back down town.

I should also mention one other story. When I get off the train at bay station there was this one homeless guy that is always in the hall of the station. I mentioned to my older sister that I always pass this guy and never give him anything or even acknowledge his existence. This is before I left to work in Oakville. So my sister is less cold hearted than I am. I was content to leave him there for all of eternity. She kept saying that I should do something for him. I believe it's the governments job to do for the people that which they can not do for themselves. So, the government should be helping this guy not me. Anyway long story short after many discussions I agreed to buy this guy a coffee and a muffin as a gift for my sister. When I got back down town I was surprised to see that the homeless guy was no longer there. I assumed he had either moved on or died or something. However, on my first Friday back he showed up. I had some change in my pocket that I was going to use to buy a peanut butter cookie and a coffee for myself. But since I saw the guy I decided to keep my word to some extent. I gave him the money instead as well as the rest of the change in my pocket for a total of around $6.50. I couldn't bring myself to walk to the coffee shop, wait in line to buy something and then walk back to give it to this guy. Hopefully he uses this money for food. Either way I have done my good deed for the year. Also, since peanut butter cookie and high fat coffee would violate my diet so, I guess giving the money to him was a good thing. Now my sister is talking about asking my to volunteer at the food bank for a day. I don't think that is very likely but we'll see.

I guess the post wasn't that short after all.

Next week ... Fake Asses.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Free Running

I hope everyone who is seeing this has seen the latest James Bond movie Casino Royal. At the beginning of that movie there is a chase sequence. It was really quite shocking when I first saw it. It was a real departure from recent James bond movies as usually didn't even have enough pace to disturb Bond's hair. I got the DVD of this movie as a Christmas present so I recently we watched the chase. I have found out that the guy being chased is a top performer in a sport he help to invent called Free Running.

As such I have decided to post a few Free running videos. Enjoy :)

Next Week ... Life Downtown

Monday, January 7, 2008

Goals and resolutions for 2008

When I originally listed this as the topic for this week I thought that I would have a long list of things to write. However, the truth is that for the most part I am pretty happy with my life. There are not really a long list of things that I can think of that I would want to change.

The biggest change for me in the upcoming year is going to be my marriage. However, this is not a resolution and I am not sure if I view the success of my wedding or marriage as a goal. It is really a given. I am 100% confident with the decisions I have made.

As such my only two goals for 2008 revolve around my career and my weight. I will start with weight. For several years now I have made the same resolution about losing weight and getting to the gym on a more regular basis. This has to be the year when I accomplish this task. Once a upon a time (back in high school) I was a pretty good athlete and as such I was in pretty good shape. Those days however have long since past. Now, by no stretch am I fat. But there is room for improvement. At the beginning of 2008 I weighed 210 lbs. My goal is to be between 180-185 by the beginning of 2009. That is a 25-30 pound weight loss but it is not an unreasonable goal in my opinion. My logic for the 180-185 goal is that a light heavy weight boxer has to be under 185lbs. I am substantially smaller than Roy Jones Jr., so I think i should weigh less than him also. I have signed up to the abs diet on-line. It gives me a meal plan and workout plan that I will do my best to follow in the new year. Wish me luck :)

My next goal is about my career. Basically I want progress. I am not really sure how to define and describe this. It's not just money, although I would be lying if I said that is not part of it. I want to be in charge of larger projects as opposed to just being a worker on them. I have been assured that this is something that will happen in the coming year. I also know that I am in a point in my career/life in general where I have more options than I am likely to have again. I made an earlier posts about different career paths available to me (See Business Analyst) so I won't do it again. But what I mean is that I now have the experience to find jobs in lots of companies. Additionally, I don't have any kids i have a decent amount of money saved, so if I lose a job its not the end of the world. So I need to make some progress this year. I am going to be aggressive and see what happens.

That's it for this week
Next Week ... Free Running