Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fake Asses

I think some people might see the title and assume I am talking about fake people. As in people who are phony are disingenuous. But that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about people who literally have a fake ass. Just like in the 80s when breast implants were all the rage it seems that over the past few years there has been a steady rise in butt implants.

I will start by posting a few images of women who are suspected of having a fake ass.

Number 1) Kim (Ho-Dashian) Kardashian

As you can see she has an abnormally large ass. Which is questionable to say the least. However, As large as this is, my next suspect has her beat hands down.

Number 2) Angel Lola Luv

This ass has to be fake Period! Human beings are not built like this. I don't know how she even walks with out falling backward because of all that ass.

Finally, I have a pic of the only women who I know has a confirmed FAKE ASS!!!.
Nicole "CoCo" Austin

I know for a fact that this ass is fake because I have seen before pics. Unfortunately I could not find a before pic as of this writing but I assure you all that NO ASS is meant to be this big.

The last thing I will post is a youtube video of a young house wife who thought it would be a good idea to enlarge her booty. BIG MISTAKE as you will see.

Next Week.... Dirty Jobs


--Todd said...

I've got to say that I don't understand this giant ass thing. Weren't women complaining about having fat asses just a few years ago? Why would you want to enlarge your ass? what next, your gut? A normal sized ass is just fine. If you have a really flat ass and it makes you uncomfortable, and you are sitting on bone then by all means feel free to enlarge it to a normal size but good God... giant asses... what is wrong with us?

Mike said...

I think Kim Kardashian has been using pads of some sort. I've seen pictures recently where her backside has been fluctuating in size, which would contradict an type of surgery being performed. I'll sure she'll actually go through with it soon b/c she has had practically everything else done.

I'm pretty sure Angel Luv is real, the photo you selected just enhances what is actually there. She's been blessed.

I think we all know that Ice T's wife has been fake since day one, which pretty much makes her completely undesireable. It's going to horrible to see her as she ages.

JAW (John) said...

I have seen women with natural asses in the size of Angel Lola Luv. I have also known women who if they put on 10 lbs mostly in that area would qualify. Some women put on all their weight in that area. The good news is I have heard "pear shape" women tend to have longer life expectancies.

Nads said...

Why is Hodashian famous? Why do we care about her ass?

The video ho's ass could be real - she is ethiopian I think, and they tend to have large asses. The picture might be photoshopped though.

And coco is gross so when she ages ice t will probably trade up.