Monday, January 7, 2008

Goals and resolutions for 2008

When I originally listed this as the topic for this week I thought that I would have a long list of things to write. However, the truth is that for the most part I am pretty happy with my life. There are not really a long list of things that I can think of that I would want to change.

The biggest change for me in the upcoming year is going to be my marriage. However, this is not a resolution and I am not sure if I view the success of my wedding or marriage as a goal. It is really a given. I am 100% confident with the decisions I have made.

As such my only two goals for 2008 revolve around my career and my weight. I will start with weight. For several years now I have made the same resolution about losing weight and getting to the gym on a more regular basis. This has to be the year when I accomplish this task. Once a upon a time (back in high school) I was a pretty good athlete and as such I was in pretty good shape. Those days however have long since past. Now, by no stretch am I fat. But there is room for improvement. At the beginning of 2008 I weighed 210 lbs. My goal is to be between 180-185 by the beginning of 2009. That is a 25-30 pound weight loss but it is not an unreasonable goal in my opinion. My logic for the 180-185 goal is that a light heavy weight boxer has to be under 185lbs. I am substantially smaller than Roy Jones Jr., so I think i should weigh less than him also. I have signed up to the abs diet on-line. It gives me a meal plan and workout plan that I will do my best to follow in the new year. Wish me luck :)

My next goal is about my career. Basically I want progress. I am not really sure how to define and describe this. It's not just money, although I would be lying if I said that is not part of it. I want to be in charge of larger projects as opposed to just being a worker on them. I have been assured that this is something that will happen in the coming year. I also know that I am in a point in my career/life in general where I have more options than I am likely to have again. I made an earlier posts about different career paths available to me (See Business Analyst) so I won't do it again. But what I mean is that I now have the experience to find jobs in lots of companies. Additionally, I don't have any kids i have a decent amount of money saved, so if I lose a job its not the end of the world. So I need to make some progress this year. I am going to be aggressive and see what happens.

That's it for this week
Next Week ... Free Running

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Michael said...

Just a few comments....
Becareful not to take "a given" for granted. You and your bride, in my opinion, seem like a sure thing, but as yoy know getting to that state (or goal) required work and staying there will require even more.

As for your career, I second your position to be more agressive. From experience of trying that in my career during 2007, it actually paid the dividends I was looking to find. However, I believe God contributed more to the experience of those dividends that my own hardwork and agressive attitude. If your quest for progress is more about living up to the leader you know yourself to be, then an aggressive (or better yet a proactive) attitude is definitely key.