Sunday, January 20, 2008

Life Downtown

I will apologize in advance because this is also going to be a very short post. But to make up for it I promise that next week will be a very funny post.

This week I want to talk about life downtown. I have been back working downtown out of the Wunderman head office for 2 weeks now. I must say that I enjoy it. I had been away from the head office for the previous 3 months. Although my time at Ford was mostly enjoyable there are things that I did not like. The top being the amount of distance I had to drive. The time it took to get to work really is about the same as the time it takes to get downtown. The difference are that at Ford the day starts at 8am and at Wunderman the day starts at 9am. There were times that I found it very hard to be completely alert that early in the morning. Since it is pretty dangerous to be not alert when going 130k on the highway I am glad that I do not have to do it anymore. Conversely I take the bus and train to work downtown. If I am not awake it's no big deal. In fact I have fallen asleep on the bus twice already. I can't miss my stop because my stop is the station. Since my bus stop is one of the first stops on the route I always have a seat. It's a good system.

I also missed working in the city. There is always something going on and I am more likely to bump into people. I bumped into my father on the bus going home one day and on the train going home another day. I bumped into my girl friend on the train also. Also working down town allows me to do some reading. I read on the bus and train to and from work. Since the round trip is 2 hours I can get a good amount of reading done. I have already read 2 novels and 1 graphic novel since I have been back down town.

I should also mention one other story. When I get off the train at bay station there was this one homeless guy that is always in the hall of the station. I mentioned to my older sister that I always pass this guy and never give him anything or even acknowledge his existence. This is before I left to work in Oakville. So my sister is less cold hearted than I am. I was content to leave him there for all of eternity. She kept saying that I should do something for him. I believe it's the governments job to do for the people that which they can not do for themselves. So, the government should be helping this guy not me. Anyway long story short after many discussions I agreed to buy this guy a coffee and a muffin as a gift for my sister. When I got back down town I was surprised to see that the homeless guy was no longer there. I assumed he had either moved on or died or something. However, on my first Friday back he showed up. I had some change in my pocket that I was going to use to buy a peanut butter cookie and a coffee for myself. But since I saw the guy I decided to keep my word to some extent. I gave him the money instead as well as the rest of the change in my pocket for a total of around $6.50. I couldn't bring myself to walk to the coffee shop, wait in line to buy something and then walk back to give it to this guy. Hopefully he uses this money for food. Either way I have done my good deed for the year. Also, since peanut butter cookie and high fat coffee would violate my diet so, I guess giving the money to him was a good thing. Now my sister is talking about asking my to volunteer at the food bank for a day. I don't think that is very likely but we'll see.

I guess the post wasn't that short after all.

Next week ... Fake Asses.


--Todd said...

I think your initial impression about the homeless guy was right. When you gave him money, chances are he isn't using it for food. If you had bought him food, more likely than not he would have thrown it out or at you.

Anonymous said...

I have a year to talk you into spending a day at the daily bread food bank. That is what I would like for my christmas gift next year. A society is judged by how we treat the least amongst us. As you are well aware government has ceased to care about the underclass, working class and the middle class. You have more in common with that homeless man than you do difference. I am not only less cold hearted, I truly believe in goodness of mankind. (for the record I used the term mankind with great difficulty as it is problematic to use the generic "man" to refer to all of society.

Anonymous said...

"I gave him the money instead as well as the rest of the change in my pocket for a total of around $6.50. I couldn't bring myself to walk to the coffee shop, wait in line to buy something and then walk back to give it to this guy. Hopefully he uses this money for food. Either way I have done my good deed for the year."

I have to believe that you are a more compassionate individual that what you are suggesting. For a successful and blessed individual such as yourself I can't believe that tossing a guy $6.50 equates to the amount of money you will spend on miscellaneous itmes and/or experiences. You also made the point that it is the governments responsibility and job to take care of people that can't help themselves. Well isn't it your duty as a citizen to make sure that the proper individuals are in place to make sure the "job" of cleaning the streets of homeless folks gets done? Well it seems you have two options; one, you can speak up against your current officials and let them know they are not doing a satisfactory job according to your standards; or two, you can combat the issue one experience at a time and become more compassionate to the less fortunate. I know you have worked hard for what you have accomplished but in all honesty it is by God's grace and mercy that you are not in the predicament of the guy in the subway. "Giving is the beginning of love."

--Todd said...

I think it might be a bit harsh to say that the government has ceased to care about anyone but the rich. I'm sure everyone feels put upon from time to time or maybe all the time but the government (we) fund a variety of services that can help the homeless and volunteering or donating to the daily bread food bank is an excellent way to help the poor and the homeless. Every time you feel like giving money to people on the street you should instead take note of how much you wanted to give and give that money to a service that will help a man instead of feeding his desire to be on the street. If they did not get any money from people then they would stop asking for money from people and start getting help from services, in my opinion.

Nads said...

Well are more compassionate than you know because my sponsored child in Haiti - Fedieu Monazard - became OUR sponsored child when I added your name to the sponsorhsip and the tax receipt will say both of our names. You (and I) will spend $35 a month on Fedieu as of January, until he is 18. He is 10 now. :) I got him when he was 7 or 8. So you see, you do more giving than you thought. And, we will volunteer someplace sometime. It brings good karma.