Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mid Season Shows

My intention was to write a long diatribe about all the shitty shows that the public is being subjected to this mid season. Usually there are at least a few note worthy shows. This season there really aren't any. The only thing that I guess is even worth mentioning is "The Sarah Conner Chronicles". This is the TV version of the "Terminator" movies. I am a reasonably big fan of the movies and I really had my doubts about turning it into a TV show. My main thought was that the movies relied heavily on special effects. I didn't see how it would be possible to reproduce this on a weekly TV show budget. However, so far I must say that I am fairly pleased with the show. The effects have been used sparingly but when they are used they are usually pretty good. They are not as good as the movies but overall not bad. They have also done an adequate job of tying in the story line from the movies. The show had the potential to turn in to a very cheesy terminator of the week spoof show, however, they are taking the subject matter as seriously as you can take something this silly. So overall, I would recommend this show to anyone who is a fan of the series.

That's it for this week.

Next week ... BIG NEWS... maybe

Monday, February 18, 2008


Hello, My name is Duane and I am a dvd addict. It has been approximately 8 weeks since my last DVD. LOL, I'm just kidding of course.

As of now I own 173 DVDs. Blogspot does not allow me to post a file so the list is as follows

Casino Royal,Action,Movie
Battlestar Galactiaca Razor,Sci-Fi,Television
Heroes Season 1,Sci-Fi,Television
Gargoyals Volume 1,Animation,Television
Gargoyals Volume 2,Animation,Television
Run Away Jury,Drama,Movie
The Break-Up,Comedy,Movie
Roger and Me,Documentary,Movie
Gridiron Gang,Drama,Movie
Da Vinci Code,Drama,Movie
Rocky Balboa,Action,Movie
Rocky ,Action,Movie
Rocky 2,Action,Movie
Rocky 3,Action,Movie
Rocky 4,Action,Movie
Rocky 5,Action,Movie
LOTR: FOTR,Fantasy,Movie
LOTR: TTT,Fantasy,Movie
LOTR: TROTK,Fantasy,Movie
First Knight,Action,Movie
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves,Action,Movie
King Arthur,Action,Movie
The Last Samurai,Action,Movie
The Scorpian King,Action,Movie
The Mummy,Action,Movie
The Mummy Returns,Action,Movie
Transformers (2007),Sci-Fi,Movie
Transformers the Movie,Animation,Movie
Star Wars: A new Hope,Sci-Fi,Movie
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back,Sci-Fi,Movie
Star Wars: Return of The Jedi,Sci-Fi,Movie
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace,Sci-Fi,Movie
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones,Sci-Fi,Movie
Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 1,Animation,Movie
Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 2,Animation,Movie
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith,Sci-Fi,Movie
Star Trek: First Contact,Sci-Fi,Movie
Star Trek: Nemesis,Sci-Fi,Movie
Men in Black,Sci-Fi,Movie
Men in Black 2,Sci-Fi,Movie
Matrix: Reloaded,Sci-Fi,Movie
Matrix: Revolutions,Sci-Fi,Movie
The Terminator,Sci-Fi,Movie
Terminator 2 Judgement Day,Sci-Fi,Movie
Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines,Sci-Fi,Movie
Minority Report,Sci-Fi,Movie
King Kong,Sci-Fi,Movie
War of the Worlds,Sci-Fi,Movie
Independence Day,Sci-Fi,Movie
The Day After Tomorrow,Sci-Fi,Movie
Back to the Future,Sci-Fi,Movie
Back to the Future 2,Sci-Fi,Movie
Back to the Future 3,Sci-Fi,Movie
Ghost Busters,Sci-Fi,Movie
Ghost Busters 2,Sci-Fi,Movie
Blood Diamond,Drama,Movie
The Departed,Mob Movie,Movie
Wall Street,Drama,Movie
Transformers Season 1,Animation,Television
The Lion King,Animation,Movie
Team America World Police,Animation,Movie
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy,Comedy,Movie
The Manchurin Candidat,Drama,Movie
The Island,Action,Movie
Con Air,Action,Movie
The One,Action,Movie
The Run Down,Action,Movie
The Shawshank Redemption,Drama,Movie
The Shawshank Redemption Special Edition,Drama,Movie
Double Impact,Action,Movie
Undercover Brother,Comedy,Movie
Austin Powers: Goldmember,Comedy,Movie
Scream 3,Comedy,Movie
Basic Instinct,Drama,Movie
Basic Instinct 2,Drama,Movie
Freddy Got Fingered,Comedy,Movie
Open Water,Drama,Movie
Crocodile Hunter Colision Course,Comedy,Movie
The Program,Drama,Movie
Showdown In Little Tokyo,Action,Movie
Analyze That,Comedy,Movie
Anger Management,Comedy,Movie
Not Another Teen Movie,Comedy,Movie
Head of State,Comedy,Movie
Total Recall,Action,Movie
Sin City,Super Hero,Movie
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,Super Hero,Movie
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the OOZE,Super Hero,Movie
TMNT,Super Hero,Movie
League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen,Super Hero,Movie
HellBoy,Super Hero,Movie
CatWoman,Super Hero,Movie
Batman,Super Hero,Movie
Batman Begins,Super Hero,Movie
Superman Returns,Super Hero,Movie
Superman The movie,Super Hero,Movie
Superman 2,Super Hero,Movie
Superman The Animated Series Vol. 3,Super Hero,Television
Justice League Season 1,Super Hero,Television
Justice League Season 2,Super Hero,Television
Justice League Unlimited Volume 1,Super Hero,Television
Justice League Unlimited Volume 2,Super Hero,Television
Superman Doomsday,Super Hero,Movie
Ultimate Avengers: The Movie,Super Hero,Movie
Ultimate Avengers 2,Super Hero,Movie
The Invincible Iron Man,Super Hero,Movie
Doctor Strange,Super Hero,Movie
Ghost Rider,Super Hero,Movie
The Punisher,Super Hero,Movie
Fantastic Four,Super Hero,Movie
Elektra,Super Hero,Movie
Dare Devil,Super Hero,Movie
Dare Devil Special Edition,Super Hero,Movie
Hulk,Super Hero,Movie
Blade,Super Hero,Movie
Blade 2,Super Hero,Movie
Blade 3,Super Hero,Movie
Spider Man,Super Hero,Movie
Spider Man 2,Super Hero,Movie
Spider Man 3,Super Hero,Movie
Xmen,Super Hero,Movie
X2: Xmen United,Super Hero,Movie
X2: The Last Stand,Super Hero,Movie
Jurassic Park,Sci-Fi,Movie
Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World,Sci-Fi,Movie
Jurassic Park 3,Sci-Fi,Movie
The Godfather,Mob Movie,Movie
The Godfather Part 2,Mob Movie,Movie
The Godfather Part 3,Mob Movie,Movie
Casino ,Mob Movie,Movie
Goodfellas,Mob Movie,Movie
The Untouchables,Mob Movie,Movie
Pulp Fiction,Mob Movie,Movie
Road to Perdition,Mob Movie,Movie
Scarface,Mob Movie,movie
Carlitos Way,Mob Movie,movie
Carlitos War: Rise To Power,Mob Movie,Movie
Oceans Eleven,Comedy,Movie
Oceans Twelve,Comedy,Movie
Charlies Angels,Action,Movie
Dog Day Afternoon,Drama,Movie
Boyz In the Hood,Drama,Movie
Menace 2 Society,Drama,Movie
And Justice For All,Drama,Movie
Training Day,Drama,Movie
A Few Good Men,Drama,Movie
Exit Wounds,Drama,Movie
Appolo 13,Drama,Movie
Cast Away,Drama,Movie
Forrest Gump,Drama,Movie
Catch Me If you Can,Drama,Movie
The Aviator,Drama,Movie
The Truman Show,Drama,Movie
Saving Private Ryan,Drama,Movie
Pearl Harbour,Drama,Movie
Jason X,Horror,Movie

I think I have a pretty good mix there. I am really a typical guy in that the vast majority of these movies are action related. Although I do have some standout drama's.

One section I am really proud of is my Super Hero section. I have almost every super hero movie made in the last 30 years. The only big missing pieces are super man 3 and 4 and batman 3 and 4. I refuse to buy these movies because the are completely horrible from beginning to end. They do not do justice to the source material in any way. At the risk of sounding like comic book guy from the Simpson's, I now pronounce these films to be "THE WORST MOVIES EVERREEEEE!!!!"

I also like to keep a few intended flaws in my collection. Those of course would be movies that are so bad that they are good. Those movies in my collection are Showgirls, Gigli, Jason X, Crocodile Hunter Collision Course, and Basic Instinct 2. These movies are so terrible that one has to wonder who possibly thought it would be a good idea to make them. I would have included Catwoman and Elektra in that list but as I said early I like to buy comic book movies regardless of whether they are good or bad.

My next movie will be Justice League: The New Frontier. It's a direct to video animated movie. DC and Marvel have been producing direct to video movies of their characters that would have a difficult time being translated into a live action film. I am really looking forward to it.

Well, that's it for this week. Pretty light post I guess.

Next week ... Mid Season Shows

Sunday, February 10, 2008


This week was supposed to be about DVD's but I have decided to put that off for another week. Instead I choose to write about my home town. For those who don't know The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) can be broken up into many small sections. One of those sections is known as Scarborough.

Scarborough (pronounced /skɑrbroʊ/) is the area that forms the eastern part of the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was a separate city for over 200 years, but has been part of the 'East District' of Toronto since 1998. The Scarborough name is still used by most local residents, and is recognized by Canada Post as a municipality name. Scarborough has characteristics of a suburb of old Toronto, but retains much of its own character and flavour. Certain neighbourhoods in Scarborough are popular destinations for new immigrants to Canada, who bring part of their own culture to that of Scarborough. Because of the topography of the Bluffs, the Rouge Valley and the other creeks and many minor tributaries, Scarborough is said to be the greenest and leafiest part of Toronto.

For more info on Scarborough click here

The reason I am writing about my home town is because we have been in the local news quite a bit lately. Simply put crime has risen over the past 5-10 years. That is not to say that my area was ever perfect but it has risen recently. In fact my ex-coworkers used to kid me about living in Scarborough (All in good fun of course). That being said, I have no great desire to leave my little piece of Toronto. I think Scarborough is like any other major city. Which means there is going to be some crime and there are going to be some places that you should avoid going to unless you have a good reason for going there. I have been to California and Compton really isn't that geographically far from Beverly Hills. But anyone with an ounce of common sense knows enough to stay the hell out of Compton. Now that being said even the worst parts of Scarborough are a million times better than the best parts of Compton. We have ghettos but are ghettos are small and contained. Also, geographically the area of Scarborough that I live in is very close to major places of business so getting to work is not a problem. We also have great public transit. I get pissed at the TTC sometimes but when I compare it to the transit systems of the surrounding suburbs (Markham, Vaughn, Oakville, etc...) I realize that I have nothing to complain about. If I lived even 10 minutes north of where I live now getting to work in the morning would take forever and cost a fortune.

Now all that being said I am not 100% tied to Scarborough. When the time comes my wife and I will have to sit down and really think about where we want to live and raise children. It's a big decision but it's one I don't think I will have to think about for at least a couple of years.

Anyways ... That's it for this week.

Next Week, DVD's for real. I promise.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dirty Jobs

Years ago when I was deciding on my career I had specific criteria. I wanted to make a good salary obviously but I also wanted to work in a safe clean environment. That means absolutely no manual labor. No construction, plumbing, auto repair, etc ... Now I am well aware that some of these jobs can pay very well. In fact they probably all pay more than what I am currently making. However, to me the work is tough. The heaviest thing I will lift in any given day is a pen and I very rarely have to do that. There are consequence to this of course. Chief among them is that I get very little physical activity in a day. As a consequence of this I had put on over 20 pounds since college that I am trying to take off now. In addition I am rarely outdoors. I leave to get to work in the morning when it is dark and by the time I get home it is dark again. Now in the winter time it is not that bad. But in the summer I think it might be nice to be outside and get some fresh air.

So, where am I going with this? Over the last year or so I have been watching a show on discovery channel called Dirty Jobs. It basically has the host traveling the country working a day in some of the dirtiest jobs you can imagine. The stuff he does can really turn your stomach at times. But if someone doesn't do these jobs then society would simply shut down. In one episode he was emptying septic tanks. He had to climb in and scrap it off the walls. He was literally waist deep in shit. GROSS!!! I can not imagine doing something like this every day for 30 or 40 years. I don't know what these people make but I hope it is a good salary. I am not saying they should be millionaires or something but they definitely deserve good incomes.

I will leave you with a clip of one of the dirtiest jobs I have ever seen. 1:46-1:54 is disgusting.

Next Week ... DVD check in