Sunday, February 10, 2008


This week was supposed to be about DVD's but I have decided to put that off for another week. Instead I choose to write about my home town. For those who don't know The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) can be broken up into many small sections. One of those sections is known as Scarborough.

Scarborough (pronounced /skɑrbroʊ/) is the area that forms the eastern part of the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was a separate city for over 200 years, but has been part of the 'East District' of Toronto since 1998. The Scarborough name is still used by most local residents, and is recognized by Canada Post as a municipality name. Scarborough has characteristics of a suburb of old Toronto, but retains much of its own character and flavour. Certain neighbourhoods in Scarborough are popular destinations for new immigrants to Canada, who bring part of their own culture to that of Scarborough. Because of the topography of the Bluffs, the Rouge Valley and the other creeks and many minor tributaries, Scarborough is said to be the greenest and leafiest part of Toronto.

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The reason I am writing about my home town is because we have been in the local news quite a bit lately. Simply put crime has risen over the past 5-10 years. That is not to say that my area was ever perfect but it has risen recently. In fact my ex-coworkers used to kid me about living in Scarborough (All in good fun of course). That being said, I have no great desire to leave my little piece of Toronto. I think Scarborough is like any other major city. Which means there is going to be some crime and there are going to be some places that you should avoid going to unless you have a good reason for going there. I have been to California and Compton really isn't that geographically far from Beverly Hills. But anyone with an ounce of common sense knows enough to stay the hell out of Compton. Now that being said even the worst parts of Scarborough are a million times better than the best parts of Compton. We have ghettos but are ghettos are small and contained. Also, geographically the area of Scarborough that I live in is very close to major places of business so getting to work is not a problem. We also have great public transit. I get pissed at the TTC sometimes but when I compare it to the transit systems of the surrounding suburbs (Markham, Vaughn, Oakville, etc...) I realize that I have nothing to complain about. If I lived even 10 minutes north of where I live now getting to work in the morning would take forever and cost a fortune.

Now all that being said I am not 100% tied to Scarborough. When the time comes my wife and I will have to sit down and really think about where we want to live and raise children. It's a big decision but it's one I don't think I will have to think about for at least a couple of years.

Anyways ... That's it for this week.

Next Week, DVD's for real. I promise.


Nads said...

Scarborough gets a bad rap...there is crime everywhere.

JAW said...

Oh boy let me count the ways.

1) There are only two areas in Toronto that commonly have knife searches in their high schools. One is Scarborough.

2) An Ontario teacher said, "It is a good month when I haven't seen a weapon in my class."

3) I was talking to a TTC driver who hates driving in Scarborough. His comment was everyone there thinks Scaraborough is a bad place and "someone" should do something about it.

4) There are widespread gangs throughout high school. The question isn't will your kid join a gang but which one?

5) Scarborough does not contain your peer's kids. ie the people you grew up with are no longer the majority in Scarborough. Meaning you know less about Scarborough than you think.


You don't know what Scarborough is like now. If you raise your kid in Scarborough you have a large chance they will be a gang member. The worst outcome is they might buy into the culture of blaming. The only way to succeed is by taking responsibility for your life. Not by blaming others. You took responsibility for your life Duane. Don't surround your kids with people who don't.

JAW said...

Oh on a side note there is a bad area of Etobicoke that you want to avoid as well. I believe that the grade school and high school average test results are available (thanx the government who implemented standardized testing). If you are choosing for your kids that might be an appropriate way to find a good place to live.

sigh said...

The combination "ough" can be pronounced in nine different
ways. The following sentence contains them all: "A rough-
coated, dough-faced, thoughtful plough man strode through
the streets of Scarborough; after falling into a slough,
he coughed and hiccoughed."

Scot said...

A part of me will always think of it as home, however when I think of if I were to move back to GTA to live I would have to say Port Credit. To me that area has the best of what T.O has to offer.