Sunday, March 30, 2008

First Week On the Job

Unfortunately I don't really have that much to report about my first week on the job. That is not to say it was a bad first week because it wasn't. I guess I am just getting used to having first days on the job at this point. Because of some of the consulting work at did at my previous job I feel like I have essentially had 3 first days on the job in the last year. So I guess I am really used to the routine at this point. There are a couple things I can go over.

The Hours and the Commute

At my previous job we worked a 35 hour week. Some people did regular overtime which in increased the hours but I rarely felt the need to. As a consequence I was in by nine and out by five sharp every day. At my new job it is a 37.5 hour week. As a consequence I either have to work from 9:00-5:30 or 8:30 -5:00. I am doing the earlier shift now as I would rather come early and leave early. However, the new job is farther south than the previous job so in addition to the fact that I start earlier I also have to leave earlier because it is farther away. This isn't really that big a deal though. It's only one extra train ride that takes about 5-7 minutes.

The Office Atmosphere

The office is ok. My previous job just completed a very extensive remodel as such it was a little more modern than my new office. Also the company is spread through out the building. The elevator does not stop on every floor. My office is on the 54th floor so if I have a meeting on the 20th floor then I have to go down the 1st floor and back up to the 20th floor. Then back to the first and back up to the 54th when it is done.


My new co-workers are all pretty nice. I think I am the second youngest person in the dept. We went out for lunch on Friday to welcome me to the company.

The work

It's hard to comment on this because I haven't done much yet. I am still waiting on system access to be able to really start my job. I am not concerned. It was the same thing at Microsoft and Ford. Big companies have a lot of hoops to jump through I guess.

So that's about it. I don't really have that much to say after the first week. No complaints so far.

Next week ... Small talk.


JAW said...

Hope the new job goes well next week. Isn't 8:30-5:00 actually 42.5 hours a week?

Green Lantern said...

We get an hour for lunch. The hour is unpaid.

JAW said...

How many IT people take that lunch? Do most of them end up working through it?

Green Lantern said...

I don't actually work in the IT department so I don't know. I work in the marketing dept. I do technical work for the Marketing dept. I work for a subsection of the company. There is is only one IT dept that handles all subsections. They are not even actually in the same building as far as I know. If some specific type of development needs to be done then one of them is contracted out on site I think. Regardless of whether or not anyone on site has the skills to do "said" development it must be handled by IT. My only interaction with them is through tech support that is very slow and not that great.

As for lunch. I have occasionally worked through it. But since I am not being paid for it I don't make it a habit to work through lunch.