Sunday, March 23, 2008

Last days on the Job

A funny thing happened this week. Some of my now ex-coworkers found my blog. Seeing as how I was leaving I had planned to give it to some of them anyway so it's no big deal. Still I was completely shocked when it happened. As I have said before there is not really anything on this blog that can identify it as MY blog but she read some of if and figured out that it is me. I suppose the picture of "Green Lantern" in the corner is somewhat of a give away but I was still surprised. Anyway, if there are any new readers this week then welcome to my blog and feel free to look around.

Now, for my last days on the job. As I mentioned before, last week Thursday was my last official day at my previous job. It is a strange feeling to be leaving a job. A lot of mixed emotions. On the one hand I am excited to be starting something new. On the other hand I am nervous about leaving a safe environment. What I mean is that although I was obviously given a job description and have been told what I am going to be doing, I feel that the only thing that can really prepare you for a job is to actually go out there and do it. So starting tomorrow I am going to be expected to deliver. It should be interesting.

My old job does this thing called "Night shift with CSI". CSI was the department I was in. Basically it just means that most of the department would go out for drinks about once per month after work. I went sometimes but I can't say that I had perfect attendance. Seeing as how this was my last week on the job I wanted to go and it was a lot of fun.

On Thursday we all went out for lunch. I can't remember the name of the restaurant. It was one of those restaurants where they cook the food in front of you. It was cool, most of the department that worked out of the downtown office was there so I was able to say good bye to most of the people I worked with most often.

When we got back to the office I finished the last project I was working on. It wasn't a huge project but I know it might have an effect on other projects down the line so I was happy to get it done. I then handed in my laptop and security card and left the office for probably the last time.

Although I don't work there anymore I think I might still come to the "Night shift with CSI" sometimes. It is only about 5 minutes from my new job so it's easy to get there.

My first day at Wunderman was November 20th 2006 and my last day was March 20th 2008. In total that is exactly 16 months. A short time but a pretty good time I think.

In other news, I picked the Tux for my wedding. Mike and Jay I will need you to send me your measurements when ever you get a chance. The pic below is of the tux. The only difference is that the tie color will change.

Next week ... First week on the new Job.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to take a chance in life. You could stay in a 'safe' job forever but there's no career advancement doing that.

JAW said...

Good luck on the new job. I was concerned about CSI's future over the next few years anyways.

That is one spiffy tux. Are you sure you can find shoes to go with it?