Sunday, April 27, 2008

1 Month on the Job Plus Flowers

So last week I passed the one month mark on the new job. So far everything is going pretty well. I get along with my co-workers pretty well. They actually have a much longer probation period than most companies. The probation is actually for 6 months. As of now I still have another 5 months before I am officially in the clear. So far my boss seems pleased with what I am producing. We are having a few technical difficulties. I still don't have access to one of the systems that is supposed to be a primary part of my job. My boss is getting very frustrated with the tech/IT dept. I have some conflicting loyalty issues about this. While I am not pleased that they have not resolved the problem, I use to work a fairly technical role myself so it is hard for me to side against anyone in I.T. I just hope they get it resolved soon.

On another note we finally decided on the flowers for the wedding. The place we are going with are going to provide all the flowers for the bridal party, decorate the church and provide center pieces for the reception hall. We kept the price reasonable so I am fairly pleased. This was the last big thing we had to do so I am happy. Everything else from now on is very small and easy stuff.

Next week ... Crazy Weekend


Renee said...

Congrats on the flowers, and even though you are not sure, I hope that they were fair trade. GO ahead and make the face but I had to say it.

JAW said...

The fun of creating accounts on machines by committee. I am sure that it is just the 14 forms in triplicate that are causing the issue.

The funniest was a 3 week consulting job I did at a major corporation. They told me my logins would be ready in 4 weeks. I asked someone how they would resolve that and he quietly logged me in against all security policies.