Sunday, April 20, 2008

Barack Obama

I don't know if any one who owns a television hasn't heard of him. If some how you haven't I will direct you to the following site. To put it simply he is a junior senator from Illinois and a candidate for the Democratic Party's nomination in the 2008 U.S. presidential election. He is also in the opionions of many (myself included) the first black person with a legitimate shot at the presidency. Now I will point out that I have never voted in a US presidential election because I am not a citizen. In many ways the outcome of the election does not really make any big difference to me. It is true that what happens to America does have some repercussions for Canada so in that sense it does effect me. However, I think the primary focus of Canadians should really be Canadian politicians.

Now all that being said, I have been following this campaign very closely. It's hard not to because it is on the news every single day. The more I watch the election the more he has grown on me. From the outset I thought it would be difficult but I thought he had a chance. But now it looks like he has more than an chance, it looks like he will at the very least win the democratic nomination. I am very happy to see this. I say this not just because he happens to be black.

I would like to point out at this point that his mother is white and to my knowledge he was raised almost entirely by her and her family with little to know involvement from his father. This has drawn his "blackness" into question by some. I am not in the business of judging anyone else's "blackness" so it makes no difference to me.

I support him because in my opinion he is one of the few politicians who speak to the citizens like they are adults. I find that a lot of politicians seem to talk down in a very condescending tone when they are giving speeches. Or they try to use really long multi syllable words to describe the simplest things in order to try to prove their education. I have never gotten that sense with him. He has the ability to say what he is trying to say in very simple terms. In addition he has as much charisma as in politician ever. Those facts on their own are not enough of a reason to vote for him. He would have my vote because I do believe that he is offering a change. Not just of race but of thinking. To me Hillary has a sense of entitlement that annoys the hell out of me. She speaks of her experience as if she was the president from 92-00. She was first lady, not an elected official. As for McCain, I don't care how this sounds, he is too old for the job. The only credit I will give him is that I do believe that regardless of who wins the democratic nomination, I think he will do his best to keep the election civilized. I say this because he was on the receiving side of ugly politics during the 2000 campaign at the hands of Karl Rove and GWB. I don't think he would turn around and use the same tactics.


Now Barrack has been involved in some controversy over the last few months. Most of it tied to Jeremiah Wright the former pastor of his church. I am not going to defend Jeremiah's words, and neither did Barack. I will only say that nobody's career should be summed up with a ten second clip played on youtube over and over again. The media jumped on these words and attacked Barack. The day after Jeremiah's words became public Barack condemned the speech but would not condemn the man. The media however would not let it go. In response to the uproar Barack then gave one of, if not the best speech on racism ever.

It's a very long speech so I don't expect anyone to watch or listen in one sitting. But if you do listen to all of it I can't see how you can disagree with what he is saying. What I find even more impressive is that he actually wrote this speech himself. The current president might be the most inarticulate man to ever sit in the oval office. To go from that to Barack would be a great thing for America.

There are quite a few months until the general election. I only hope that he continue to avoid the kind of dirty politics that turns off most people. So far he is doing a decent job. No matter how they come at him he has avoided climbing down into the gutter and fighting dirty. I truly believe that if he can continue to do this he will win this election and maybe change the way politics is conducted in America long term.

Next week ... One month on the Job.


--Todd said...

I did not know that he wrote the speech himself. I read a transcript of the speech when I first was aware of it and thought that it was very well thought out and planned. I thought that the person who wrote it should be given praise for making Mr. Obama look so good throughout and now that you have told me he wrote it my belief that he would make an excellent president is more solidified. GWB is easy to predict but this makes him easy to manipulate. If Mr. Obama's intentions are good I do not believe that he will be easily swayed from them.

Renee said...

He seems to be the best of some bad options. I certainly do not like his stance on Israel. I also don't believe that he is as progressive as he is attempting to portray. Let us not forget that he voted to continue to fund the illegal war in Iraq.