Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Birthday

So I know that this week's topic was supposed to be about small talk but that is going to have to wait a while because last week was my birthday. In the interests of keeping the blog relevant to my life I should probably talk about that. My birthday was on Wednesday. It was my 28 birthday and my last birthday as a single man. I suppose I should have gone out and done something crazy to celebrate, but I didn't. I had a nice quiet dinner with the wife. It was good, she made salmon stuffed with lobster. It tasted great. It occurs to me that I am now only 2 years from entering the dirty thirties. It's a pretty scary thought. I am going to have to make sure I make good use of the next 2 years before my youth is completely over. Some effects of aging are already showing up. If I eat too much the weight doesn't fall off the way it used too. I also have been finding a disturbing amount of grey hairs. Right now they are mostly in my beard so as long as I shave often no one can really see them. However, at the rate they are spreading I figure I have maybe only another 5 years before my whole head is a salt-n-pepper mess!

This week was also my second week on the job. A big part of my job is working with a Unica product called Affinium. I finally got access to it this week. So now all I have to do is get a better understanding of the underlying database structure and I will be good.
Another thing happened at work this week also. As mentioned before this week was my birthday. My new co-workers scheduled a meeting and when I arrived there was a cake and a card waiting with the rest of the staff. Seeing as how I have only actually been on the job for 10 days I really didn't expect this. It was a nice surprise. I think it was a banana and chocolate cake. It tasted very good. Maybe a little too sweet if that's possible.

So that's it for this week.

Next week ... I don't know yet.


--Todd said...

dinner with the wife? jumping the gun a bit?

in any case, your youth only ends when you decide it is over or you hit 40. And grey hair can make you look distinguished and wise, so no worries.

JAW said...

I guess Todd has decided his youth is over at 40 :P

Hey had to be here somewhere:

I like grey hair. It gives you credibility. It exudes wisdom to all those around you.

Nadeene said...

I'm a year and 3 months older than you (29 going on 30) and I am not worried about aging. I have to work out more now than I did before but working out is good for the soul. I bought eye cream because I swear I saw the beginnings of crows feet and for the dark circles and to just fight in advance, the signs of aging. So, aging has its disadvantages. Don't worry we'll keep each other young. We'll remain active and do interesting things.