Sunday, May 11, 2008

Apartment Hunting

In a little over 3 months I will be a married man. And since I have zero interest in having my wife move in here with my parents, we have begun the search for a new apartment. I am really not too interested in buying a place right now. I know that in general owning is better than renting but there are other factors at play. I think that there are enough things that can go wrong in the first years of a marriage without adding the stress of home ownership. I worked with a woman at Ford who said she was married, bought a house, had a kid, and divorced in under two years. I want to just spend the first few years with us getting used to living together with no other distractions. She has given notice are her current place and we hope to find a place for her to move into by July 1st. She has a one bedroom place right now and I think it would be a little too small for the two of us so we are looking for a two bedroom.

We went to a few places that are actually located on the same street as where she lives right now. I think it would be a good spot for us because it is close to public transport and shopping centers that we already go to. I work down town right now and take the bus everyday. It really helps to limit the miles I put on my car. Which is good because I would really like to keep it for another 2 years at least if possible. We saw 3 places on Saturday. None of them really met all of our criteria.

I think the things we are looking for that are deal makers/breakers:
-double sink in kitchen
-indoor parking for both our cars
-2 equal sized bedrooms
-fast water pressure in the bathroom
-no roaches, rats, mice, ants - I am afraid of all of these.
-not located on the first floor

One nice to have thing: no pets.

If think if we find a place with all of those things then we are good to go. If we had to give up something it would be the double sink but I would really prefer to have everything else.

That's it for this week ...

Next week ... Fights on the Bus.

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Mike said...

I agree with you on trying to keep things simple for the first couple of years. No need to complicate things if you don't have too, besides as you and your bride will find out there is a difference between spending a lot of time together as a dating or engaged couple and being a married couple. Don't take this to mean that things are worse because they won't be it's just that there will be several more learning opportunities and new experiences that will take place. It's all about the cleaving process as the two of you will become one flesh rather than two. All the best on the apartment hunting. If you all are having trouble finding a rental property with all the amenities that the two of you would like to have, try to find someone who is interested in renting their condo for a while.