Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fights on the Train & Apartment Hunting Part 2

I have seen a few very ugly incidents on the train recently. There wasn't a full blown fist fight but it was pretty ugly none the less. It always starts off small. Somebody bumps into someone else and pretty soon the two people are screaming at each other. In one case it was between a middle aged guy and a guy who looked like to be in his mid teens. The older guy asked the younger guy to move and the younger guy thought he should ask him more politely. The next thing you know the younger guy is dropping f-bombs left and right in front of every one on the train (including young kids). In the end the older guy shook his head and said he felt sorry of the other guy.

The second case was between a man and a woman. The woman felt that the man bumped her and she started to yell. I didn't see the initial bump so I am not sure if he bumped her or not. Either way it got ugly quick and ended with the woman telling the man he should go home and have a drink.

The next and final case involved a guy who I assume was homeless. He was basically going around and asking different people on the train for change. Which is fine. The problem is 1) he had a dog with him. 2) He started to get a little more aggressive than was comfortable. He didn't collect much change to say the least. Also everyone, breathed a sigh of relief when he eventually got off the train.

I have heard that GO transit is a much more pleasant experience than the TTC. However, for me right now taking the TTC is substantially cheaper (At least 40 per month or more). Since the price difference is what it is I am going to be sticking with the TTC for now but I may explore other options in the future.

Apartment Hunting Part 2

So we went apartment hunting again yesterday. It didn't go too well. We went to between 10-15 places. Almost all of them were completely unsuitable. I just don't know how some people can live like that. The ones that were cheap were truly horrifying on the inside. We went to one place and as soon as I saw the teeth of the superintendent I knew I wasn't going to be living there. I know that sounds terrible and I don't give a shit! We have been focusing our search on low rise buildings. However, as we have become more desperate we have also looked into high rises. We saw one that was nice inside but the price was really high. Also, we are concerned with bugs that might be present in a building of this size.

So far the most likely scenario is that we will go with the very first building we saw that was actually on the same street that she already lives on. We have a few more places to see but we want to get this worked out soon.

That's it for this week.

There will be no post for next week because I am going to Michigan for my cousin's wedding.

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