Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wedding Invitations

So this week we finally got the invitations done for our wedding. It has been substantially more work than I thought it would be. First we tried to go through the store "staples" to get the invitations. I figured this would be the easiest way to get things done at a somewhat decent price. We went in picked a design out of a book and ordered. They were supposed to provide us with a sample copy in a few days but after a week went by and we didn't hear from them we cancelled the order.

We decided to just buy a do it yourself kit and get it over with. My goal was to avoid doing any work at all. However, I guess it wasn't that bad. It did take us most of the day to get it done. Overall we have most of the invitations ready and I am going to drop them in the mail today. There are a few uncles on my fathers side I don't have an address for also a few on my mothers side. I am going to leave it up to my parents to deal with this. I have the invitations ready and they can mail them out when they wish.

Buying the kit saved us about 70 dollars. As the invitations workd out to a little over a dollar a piece. We had previously gone to a few stores that specialize in this stuff and most were selling for between $2.75 - $5.00. So doing it ourselves was very cost effective.

That's it ...

Next week ... fixing up our new place.

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Apartment

So we finally settled on a new apartment. Actually we signed the lease about 2 weeks ago. My fiancee will be moving in during the last week of June and I will join her in August after the wedding. I am genuinely excited about the move. Originally my plan was to move out last summer. But as things progressed with my girlfriend (now finacee) I knew that chances were we would end up getting married. It did not make financial sense to me to move out for one year and then have to move again a year later after our wedding. Actually, at that point I was thinking of buying a small town home or condo. In the time since the housing market in the GTA has gone completely insane. It's at the point now where a piece of shit house can cost you 375k easily. Really a nice place will be about 415k-430k if you are lucky. There are houses down the street from me that are going for 500k-600k. I just don't know how anyone can justify paying that kind of money for a regular house.

Anyways I digress. I am just really looking forward to being out on my own. I get along very well with my parents. We haven't had an argument about anything of consequence in many years. However, that is not the point. I am simply ready to go. I have lived in this house since i was about 5 months old. I am 28 now. I never went away to college or took a job out of town. If you would have asked me 10 years ago if i would still be living at home at my age I would have said no way. I remember in college saying that as soon as I was finished and had a stable job and enough money for first and last months rent I would be out the door. It didn't work out that way. When you are young I think it is difficult to appreciate just how much life really costs. I have been doing grocery shopping with my finacee for most of the last 1.5 years and it sometimes shocks me just how much money we spend on food. Unless you survive on a diet of Kraft dinner and hot dogs, eating can be very expensive.

That doesn't mean that there isn't a price to be paid for living with your parents either. There is a price, it just isn't one that can really be measured in dollars and cents. I have lived in my house my whole life but i am very aware of the fact that it is not "my" house. My name isn't on the bills and "I" don't own it. Additionally the bedroom that used to seem very large doesn't feel so big anymore. I feel like I could just pick up the whole thing and crush it in my hands.

Additionally when you are living with someone you have to be considerate of there feelings. What i mean is that if for example i wanted to come home and throw my dirty socks on the floor of the living room that would not go over very well. I am not saying that I want to do this but it would be nice to have the option.

All that being said I don't regret the decision to stay at home as long as I have. If I had to do it all over again I probably wouldn't make any drastic changes. It will just nice to finally be out on my own.

Next week ... Home improvement.

PS. I saw Hulk this weekend. It was pretty good. Not as good as Iron man but much better than the first Hulk movie. It had a few violent scenes but not really any out and out killing. Truthfully all of the violence is computer generated so in that sense I think it tames it quite a bit.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Cousins Wedding

So about two weeks ago I went to my cousins wedding. It was in Michigan. They had a fairly short engagement. I think they got engaged at Christmas, so to pull off a wedding in about 5 months is impressive (no one is pregnant so don't even think it). I think they have been together about the same amount of time as me and my fiancee, since Sept 06. Actually, there was talk that this was going to be a really huge wedding. And to some extent it was. I think there were about 22 people in the wedding party. When I first heard the number I wondered how they were going to fit them all on the alter. But to there credit they pulled it off and everything was nice.

The bride (my cousin) chose emerald green for the color theme. Seeing as I am so fond of the green lantern I definitely approved. My fiancee and I drove up early on Saturday. Not as early as planed because somebody didn't pack the night before (I won't mention any names but it wasn't me!). We got there around 1pm. We did a little shopping and then went to lunch. Every time someone in my family gets married there is a large lunch. This time was special because I was introducing my fiancee around. I had already told her that I had large family (22 aunts and uncles) but its hard to appreciate until you have most of them in one room. She had already met most of my mothers side of the family so now she met the other half. She got good reviews.

After that we did a little more shopping and then went back to the hotel for the evening. The wedding was on the Sunday. Actually i think my cousin Mike was married in the same church. It's nice but a touch on the small side. We took some family pictures afterwards. Then it was off to the reception. It was held in the same hotel that we were staying at. The hotel was the Westin
It's a pretty nice place. Actually my fiancee and I considered having our reception in the Hilton suites hotel. The reason we ultimately didn't is because since the size of our wedding wouldn't fill three halls they would have had to run a wall through the room to split it up. I thought that wouldn't really provide a level of privacy I was comfortable with. The place we are going has a separate room for a wedding of our size so I think that is a better fit. The only bad thing is that since we both had to work the next day we had to leave early to drive home.

Overall, I had a good time.

Next week ... My new Apartment.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

LOST season 4

I was going to write this at a later point but I was actually asked about my opinion on this twice today (Dom and Chris) so I thought I would make a post.

This season was a very critical season for LOST. This is the fourth year of the show, and while I personally felt that season 3 was at least twice as good as season 2 (but not as good as season 1) this season is important. The show is not the ratings monster it was in the first season and as a consequence of this it was moved around the dial quite a bit. I never really liked the 10pm time slot it ended up with. Additionally, I personally have cut the show a lot of slack about not resolving issues over the years but by the 4th season and close to 100 episodes (85 so far) they needed to provide some answers. Finally, it has been announced that show is ending 2 years from now so they are running out of time to wrap up loose threads.

Now with all that being said on to my review.

Overall, I think the season was good. It's still not as good as the first season but it is better than at least 85% of the rest of the shows on television. The main reason I can not say that I think it is as good is because they have fundamentally changed the nature of the show this season. One of the underling things about this show was mystery. The flashbacks used by the show only serve to heighten the drama of what is going on in a given episode. However, this season they have added flash forwards. And because of this the biggest mystery of the show is solved. We know with out question that at least some of the survivors of flight 815 do in fact get off the island. This eliminates all suspense when certain characters are in life or death situations because we know they can't die because we have seen the future and we know that they are alive and off the island.

As such the mystery is more about how they got off and what happened to the ones that didn't. This is a risk, but I think they did a good job of pulling it off. They also added a lot of new characters this season. I unfortunately did not like any of them.

The best thing is that they also answered a lot of questions that have been raised throughout the season. If you want a review of what was answered check this website

Season Finale

Overall, I was very impressed. They wrapped up the major story lines of the season and asked a few questions that will have to be answered next season. The "moving" of the island is a bit more sci-fi than I want out of this show. I didn't really think it was needed. But overall i was happy with the revelations they provided and I am looking forward to the questions that will have to be answered next season. I am also very happy that they killed the Micheal character. He added nothing to this season and hopefully his death will mean no more Micheal or Walt stories. The actor who plays Walt looks nothing like he did when the show started. This is the problem with child actors. When the show started he was a 12 year old playing a 10 year old. Now he is 16 but only 100 days have passed in the time line of the series. It makes zero sense for him to have anything to do with the show at this point.

That's it

I have been busy this week which is why this is such a late blog post. I will have alot of things to cover next week.