Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wedding Invitations

So this week we finally got the invitations done for our wedding. It has been substantially more work than I thought it would be. First we tried to go through the store "staples" to get the invitations. I figured this would be the easiest way to get things done at a somewhat decent price. We went in picked a design out of a book and ordered. They were supposed to provide us with a sample copy in a few days but after a week went by and we didn't hear from them we cancelled the order.

We decided to just buy a do it yourself kit and get it over with. My goal was to avoid doing any work at all. However, I guess it wasn't that bad. It did take us most of the day to get it done. Overall we have most of the invitations ready and I am going to drop them in the mail today. There are a few uncles on my fathers side I don't have an address for also a few on my mothers side. I am going to leave it up to my parents to deal with this. I have the invitations ready and they can mail them out when they wish.

Buying the kit saved us about 70 dollars. As the invitations workd out to a little over a dollar a piece. We had previously gone to a few stores that specialize in this stuff and most were selling for between $2.75 - $5.00. So doing it ourselves was very cost effective.

That's it ...

Next week ... fixing up our new place.

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Yeah! I made the list! Thanks eh.