Sunday, July 6, 2008

Moving and Wedding stuff & Hancock

So last week is the first week that I have ever really missed a post. It couldn't be helped. I have just been very busy the last two weeks. My future wife moved into "our" new place last week. As I have said in a previous posts I have lived in my current house my whole life. As such I have never experienced the joys of moving. To put it bluntly it sucks. I mean it really fucking sucks!!!

We hired some movers because I don't like the idea of asking my friends and family to help me move. I have no interest in trying to move heavy furniture down stairs. I don't have a problem with small stuff but when it comes time to move the bedroom furniture i would much rather just leave it to the professionals. The problem is that the professionals don't always behave very professionally. They show up late and try to charge more than they quoted. The problem is that the movers know they have you by the balls. They know you have to be out of your old place by midnight. It's the end of the month and it would be close to impossible to get another mover there in time. As such we just ended up giving the asshole his 10% fuel surcharge. My issue is that apartment we were moving to was literally across the street. They could have walked the shit over if they wanted to.

Anyways the move is over and we have spent the last two weekends getting the place together. Overall, I like it. I think the place looks pretty good. It is a two bedroom unit and the inside is actually fairly spacious. The issue over the past two weeks has really been about unpacking. Nadeene had a lot of things and it takes time to find the right place to put everything.

Of course the fun will continue in a few weeks when I move my bed and bedroom furniture into the apartment. To say that I am not looking forward to the hassle of another move would be a huge understatement.

Wedding Stuff

So this week we went to the jewelry store and picked out our wedding rings. I had briefly suggested at one time that maybe I wouldn't wear a ring. Needless to say that idea was quickly shot down. I am not a big jewelry guy. In fact the only article of jewelry I own is my university graduation ring and I would be surprised if I have worn it more than 10 times in the 5 years I've had it. Nonetheless I am pleased with the rings we chose. Mine is pretty simple. Just a fairly plain gold band. It has sort of a satin finish in the middle and a little more gloss around the ends. My wife's ring has some stones and it is the matching band to her engagement ring so she can wear them both at the same time. Apparently that is what people do. She also got some diamond stud earrings and a nice necklace for the day. We got a little deal too because the store was having a save the tax sale. The wedding bands don't usually go on sale (everything else in the store does, but i have never seen the bands on sale) so this was a good time to buy them. Overall I am pleased. We sent them out to get sized and we should have them back in about 2 weeks.


This is the new Will Smith movie. I am a fan of his and I have seen most of his movies. I think he is a very good action star and has some dramatic talent when he is given material to work with. However, I didn't really care for this move that much. It had some really good moments. The first hour was excellent but the last 40 minutes just completely fell off the rails. I can't really give this move a strong recommendation.

Here is the trailer ...

That's it for this week.

Next Week ... Resolutions check in


Jason said...

Well I liked Hancock. It was a lot funnier that I expected it to be and the story line made sense. I just think the people that were hired to advertise the movie did a real bad job because I was not looking forward to seeing the movie but went anyways because I had nothing better to do over the holiday weekend.

In regards to moving. I would like to 2nd and 3rd your opinion that moving really sucks. I had to move just before Camilie's wedding because my last place wanted to raise the rent $200 dollars when it came time to resign my lease and I was not having it. So I was forced into moving and it was the worst. I have done a lot of moving in the last 3 years. From leaving Michigan to go to school in North Carolina, and then leaving there to start work up in the DC area. So I have had my share of moving and more to come because I am sure I will have to move again next, but hopefully I will be able to buy a place and settle down for a while.

Your next week topic should be good. I have stuck to loosing weight thus far this year. I think I started the year mid 180's and now in the mid 160's range and should reach my goal of hitting 160 soon and maybe aim to get down to 155 which is what I weighed when I finished high school.

Anonymous said...

I have bad news for Nadeene. If you don't wear jewelry you don't wear jewelry. You don't have to draw attention to it though.

Be careful with just agreeing with everything. Apparently most women like "conflict for no reason". So if you just agree with everying you will have issues down the road.