Sunday, July 27, 2008

Office Etiquette

So as I am sure all of you know I currently work in an office. And as such I think i would like to talk about office etiquette for a moment. When you work in an office I think it is very important to being considerate of your co-workers. Especially if you work in close quarters. For the most part my current office is pretty good and the co-workers I interact with the most are good. I do however have one beef. And it relates mainly with the kitchen space.

1) The Fridge
I'll start with the work part first. On our floor there are two fridges. Both of them are two small and neither is maintained well. My main problem is that there are people who bring food in and leave it in the fridge. My opinion is that the office fridge should basically operate the same way that lockers do at the health club. Whatever you bring in you take out at the end of the day when you are leaving. Unfortunately that is not what is happening in our fridge. People are buying long term supplies, writing there names on it an leaving it in the fridge. I can live with it if it is something like milk which finishes quickly, but that people are bringing in long term supplies. There is currently a jar of cheese whiz in our fridge. Stop for a second and consider who long it takes to finish a jar of cheese whiz. This is a product you don't eat everyday, hell probably not even every week. So why would someone bring in a product that will undoubtedly take up space in the fridge for months. And there are all kinds of shit like that in our fridges. I bring my lunch in everyday and i take my containers out every afternoon when I am leaving. I think everyone should do the same.

2) Dirty dishes

I don't really have as big a complaint here because things have improved a little bit over the last few months. In my office there is a full kitchen and a kitchenette. The kitchenette doesn't have a dishwasher. Yet there are people who like to leave there dirty dishes in the kitchenette sink instead of simply walking them over to the kitchen where there IS an actual dishwasher. I place my lunch in the kitchenette fridge because it is usually less crowded. so i have to see a pile of dirty dishes in the sink when I pass. I have carried a few over to the dishwasher myself but I refuse to make a habit out of it because it is not my job. It is actually no ones job so i don't know why we can't all take responsibility for our own messes.

I have worked in a few offices in the past few years so I know that there are issues regardless of where you work. I just hope that someday everyone will understand that we are all responsible for the environment we work in.

But it could be worse. I could be one of these guys...

Next week...
Since I am getting married soon and the post coming up 2 weeks from now will be pretty positive I think I will have next weeks post be a long and ugly rant about things that annoy me.

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