Sunday, August 10, 2008

End of the Line

Well this is it. This is my last post as a single man. By this time next week I will be married. I have been pretty busy this last few weeks which is why i missed last weeks post. My new in-laws came into town last week and came over to my house to meet my parents. I think everyone got along well so that's good.

Everyone keeps asking me if I am nervous. I am not. Maybe I should be but I really don't feel any great swell of nervousness. I see the wedding and the marriage as two different and separate things. If the wedding goes well then that's great but if it doesn't I don't really think it should have any effect on my marriage.

The only thing I am somewhat nervous about is the weather. This has been one of the most rainy summers on record. I would really like it if it is not pouring rain during my wedding. It probably wouldn't effect me too much but my bride would have a difficult time walking in her dress in the rain. It just wouldn't be very pleasant I don't think.

Other than that I am doing OK. I think just about all of the people who read this blog are coming to my wedding. So wish me luck and I will see you all next week.


chris said...

Haha good luck! Enjoy your last week of freedom, make sure you go out in style.

Peter C said...

Congratulations man!

I think your wedding band should be green, with the green lantern symbol on it.

Best of luck

JAW said...

I could probably give you a ton of advice but I'll follow your Dad on that one.

Thank you for inviting me to the wedding. It was an honour to be invited. I had an amazing time. It is also really nice to see a wedding that talks about togetherness rather than individuality. May you be joined forever and enjoy it. It can be done.

Sorry I can't find a good Picard quote here :P