Sunday, October 26, 2008

Apartment Problems

So I have been having some problems with my apartment. One of the problems we have been having is that the floor tiles have kept popping out of the floor. It happened before in the summer and we called the superintendent to have it fixed. We went on our honeymoon came back and the floor was still unfixed. At this point we made a stink to building management and they finally sent some one to fix it. Unfortunately a few weeks later the floor tiles in a different area of the apartment started to pop out again. It has now been close to 3 weeks since we reported the problem and it still has not been fixed. We are thinking about taking this to the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal. Below is a pic of what is happening.

We also had an issue with how often they were emptying the garbage bins. They would let it pile up to the point that you couldn't even throw stuff to the top of it. Below is an example

The third issue we were having was with mold. This is more serious as mold is very dangerous to our health. The mold was building up around the windows. We called the building management and reported the problem. They said it was because of the difference in temperature between the outside and inside. This is completely ridiculous. This is Canada it is supposed to be colder outside than it is inside. THAT IS THE POINT OF BEING INSIDE!!!! They also suggested it would stop if we left the windows open. Do they actually expect us to leave the windows open in the winter?
Eventually they came and wiped the place down and repainted the effected area. We also called someone from the board of health to make sure that the place was safe for us. They said it was. Now I wipe the windows down myself every other week with disinfectant wipes.

Honestly at this point I am just fed up. We need to live in an apartment for a little while longer while we save for our first home but these issues are truly annoying. Maybe I have been spoiled by living in a house my whole life but I don't think that these things are supposed to happen.

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Michael said...

Your post reminds me of the issues Krystal and I went through at our first apartment. Upon moving in it was obvious that management could have cared less about cleaning the apartment and changing the carpets after the previous tenants left. In addition the air conditioning unit did not work and management said that they were not manadated to fix until the temperature reached 85 degrees Farenhiet (or 29.5 degrees Celcius for you Canadians). Furthermore when they showed us the apartment it seemed like they were remodeling the bath room with new paint and tiles. Unfortunately they did not finish their work and they left a hole in the ceiling above the toilet. Well due to the cold water in the plumbing from upstairs and the heats from our apartment rising the condensation would build and drip through the ceiling. This did not make for comfortable toilet usage and I eventually had to make a make-shift cover for the ceiling as management was slow to finish the work they started. Like you the garbage was also a messy situation but at least had a trash compactor to handle heavy build up. Even with all of this the worst part was our neighboring tenants, which were basically the epitome of the ghettoest of negroes and the poorest of poor white trash. These people destroyed the outside of the property, used the halls and the entry was a their personal garbage recepticals and could be heard arguing with each other throughout the night.

My advice to you and your wife is to continue to take pictures as you have been doing and document everything you possibly can. Go to every authority available so more people beyond your management know what you all are facing. Krystal and I spent three months in our first apartment before we broke our lease and left. However, because we documented everything which management knew and we even called the police in some instances management was begging us to let them move us into a completely remodeled apartment and even even give the next couple of months rent free. Well we politely told them to go to Hell with that offer and demanded that they give us our deposit back and our rent money. I also wrote up another agreement and made the manager sign it stating that she could never persue us in the future for money lost due to breaking our lease.

Continue to take matters into your own hands and be proactive as possible with this, because even though you all are in an apartment and even though it is temporary, you still deserve and maintain the right to be comfortable in your place of residence. Stay on the managment and constantly remind them of how serious you are and what they need to do to keep you happy.

JAW said...

Housing prices should bottom out in a year or two. Maybe you can look forward to that. Although it sounds like the average basement is nicer than your appartment.