Sunday, November 2, 2008

Busy @ Work

So we are entering into the busy time of year at my work. I work for an online brokerage as such from now until late march it is very busy as we enter into RSP season. We get something in the neighborhood of 60%-70% of our new accounts during this period. In addition my company is launching RESP accounts and Tax free savings accounts (TFSA). As such there is a lot of communication that needs to get out the door. The point of all this is that I want to talk about work deadlines. I have found that most are very flexible. If you want to be taken seriously and be seen as someone who is dependable then you will do your best to meet the deadlines. However, there are times when shit just happens and deadlines have to get pushed back.

At my first job we had deadlines for a project we were working on. However, these were not deadlines that got communicated to the customers and as such we had some leeway as to when they were delivered.

At my next job we were an agency. The issue with this is that since we were vendors if we promised to deliver something at a certain time we pretty much had to. Which meant some late nights if things fell behind schedule. Since overtime was unpaid here this was not something i was in favor of. As such I almost never stayed late.

Things are a little different where I work now. Most of the things I am working on are not communicated to the clients until after they are completed. So in my opinion that means all deadlines are soft. If no one is expecting it then no one knows if it is late or on time. The project I am working on now has has very high visibility in the company. I actually had a meeting with the president of our line of business about it last week. It is the first time i have met with her. She seems interested in what we're working on so if we can make this successful it would be a big win. Plus it is yearly bonus time so finishing this up would be a good thing.

All the pieces are finally in place and i hope to be seeing the end of this project soon.

Next week ... Budgeting

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JAW said...

I'm getting my budgeting dartboard out for next week.