Sunday, January 25, 2009

Barack Obama is the new POTUS

On Tuesday Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States of America. Back in April I wrote this post. At the time I said I thought he had a chance of winning the election and now he has won and been sworn in. I don't speak much of politics on this blog. The purpose of this blog is to document what is going on in my day to day life. I am not a politician so I don't see much point in discussing politics here.

If you asked most black people (myself included) as recently as 5 years ago if we thought it was possible that a black person would be elected president in their life times the answer would be no way. I am a fairly optimistic guy but I just didn't see the concept of a black president as possible. I am not saying the whole country is racist because I don't believe it is. However I did figure that the percent of citizens who are racist was large enough to prevent this from ever happening. Well Barack proved me and a hell of a lot of other people wrong.

I listened to most of the proceedings on my computer at work. However, when he was about to be sworn in I went downstairs to the main lobby of my building (First Canadian Place) to watch it on the jumbo screen. There were hundreds of people there. I was very surprised by the crowds.

I don't know if I really have much more to say. I just wanted to say congratulations to the new president and wish him luck because he certainly has his work cut out for him.

That's it for this week.

Next week ... Issues at work and procrastination.


Renee said...

As I watched the swearing in I realized how sorry I was that I was not there to witness it first hand. It wasn't until that very moment that it really hit me that a black person was being sworn in as president. I found myself crying inexplicably. Though there he is a centrist with many policies I do not agree with (big surprise) am thankful in that he will serve as an excellent role model. Too often young blacks have only idiocy like flavor flav to look up to.

JAW said...

It will be interesting to see how his presidency develops. The first 100 days seem scarily Trudeau-ish. The debt that is getting run up is just scary. I am starting to hear numbers like a 4 trillion deficit.